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                             Film Review
                Against the Dark

Starring: Steven Seagal , Linden Ashby , Tanoai Reed

Directed By: Richard Crudo  - 2009 

Copyright© 2009 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


Now luckily unlike another  review i recently done  this is actually a watchable piece of fodder .

Against the Dark is a film in turmoil in such that it can not decide what it wants to be .

It resembles Blade with Wesley Snipes in the fact that Steven Seagal plays the leader of a group of hunters out to stop the scourge of Zombies taking everyone over and on the other hand it has a lot in common with Dawn of the Dead and such like films .

Now Seagal continues to turn out new films and to be honest this is quite good on the budget front compared to other films of his lately.On top of that it also stars Linden Ashby who played Johnny Cage in the 1995 film 'Mortal Kombat'.

But from a martial arts point of view it's a let down in the lack of fighting first and second that Seagal does not do that much himself apart from walk around saying i'm  a Hunter before he kills a Zombie with a couple of slashes of his sword in the few times he appears on screen .So it does not feel like a Steven Seagal project and more like he's doing a cameo every 15 as you can see it passes the time and has enough action to tolerate watching all the way through.The story goes that Katana master Tao (Seagal) leads a a ex  special ops unit of vigilante Vampire hunters who go and infiltrate a Hospital to get out the last remaining survivors before the military bomb the place .

But watching the flick the Vampire story is more Dawn of the dead and the Vamps share more in common with this film or the video game Left 4 Dead .But in the end it does entertain but maybe not in the way you thought it would.The Snake.

Score out of Ten = 6

Review Date : 02/2009


  • Steven Seagal ... Tao
  • Tanoai Reed ... Tagart
  • Jenna Harrison ... Dorothy
  • Linden Ashby ... Cross
  • Emma Catherwood ... Amelia
  • Stephen Hagan ... Ricky
  • Daniel Percival ... Dylan
  • Skye Bennett ... Charlotte
  • Danny Midwinter ... Morgan
  • Keith David ... Lt. Waters


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