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                Hong Kong Classic Review
       A Kid From Tibet


Starring : Yuen Biao , Yuen Wah , Nina Li Chi , Wu Ma 

Directed By : Yuen Biao


Copyright© 1991 Golden Harvest


When I thought I would do a review of this Yuen Biao Classic ,i thought I would be one of those sites that that has a rare review of the film .Admittedly I thought I would find certain articles on the film but I was surprised to see the amount of coverage the film has had in the West.

Any how the film stars Legendary Peking Opera Star Jimmy Yuen Biao ,who along with Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan was one of the Seven Little Fortunes. What makes this a film worth getting is one it stars Yuen Biao a fantastic acrobatic Kicker if ever there was one. Secondly this is A film directed by Yuen Biao as well .

Set mainly in Hong Kong but also filmed in Tibet and other regions to the film centres around a Bottle. Not just any bottle though it's a sacred bottle in Gold .When a Evil sect of Buddhism once again rears it's head the Tibetan Master requests that one of his disciples ,Wong (Yuen Biao) take the cap of the bottle which the master holds and reunite it with the original bottle as to put a stop to the evil Buddha’s getting it.

Now the Bottle is in the hands of a Hong Kong Crippled Lawyer and Wong is sent to Hong Kong to get the bottle .Upon arrival he is met by the Lawyers representative Chiu Seng Neng.

Now the evil lot led by a evil sorcerer ( Yuen Wah) and his sister ( Nina Li-Chi) wants to capture the bottle and cap for himself so he may use the powers within for self gain and general Evil doings ( Because there's nothing like some evil doings to get you motivated) ,The film is a combination of sorcery and Kicks as Wong is the naïve Tibetan Monk who like a fish out of water gets in to trouble by bringing guns in to the Airport ,performing tricks for entertainment that go horribly wrong and many at the expense of Miss Chiu..

The film is like many from the same period running in at around 90 minutes ,so there's no time for long drawn out scenarios ( just what we like ) ,the action comes at a steady pace and one excellent example is when sorcerers sister ( Nina Li chi) decides she will get the cap herself .This results in a class car chase and some awesome fighting as Nina the Femme Fatel pours on her charm to entrap the naïve Monk.

But of course it's the ending of these films that always deliver ,and with Wong and Chiu getting trapped by The evil sorcerer the true power of Buddhism will be fought between our very own Yuen Biao (Wong) and Yuen Wah ( The evil Sorcerer)

With sterling performances from all including the class Roy Chiao and even a blink and your miss him cameo from Jackie Chan as a airport Passenger.

I thoroughly enjoyed this classic and is one which is readily available in the East and West on DVD.

Fun Filled Yuen Biao Frolics in A Kid From Tibet.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : 14-01-2011

Reviewer : Sertes Nake



The Hills of Tibet 

Mr,Robinson Arrives

Wong La is given his Mission


But Trouble lurks not far away

Meeting Mr,Robinsons assisstant is not that easy

Mr,Robinson and Friends discuss Wong La


Yuen Wah is the Sorcerer of the Black Section Buddhist.

Nina Li Chi and Yuen Biao fight it out.

Chiu gives Wong the Look


Wong and a adversary get it on .

The Battles persist and so does Wong La 
The final will see the Sorcerer and Wong La go head to toe. 


                                           Cast and Credits


Directed by Yuen Biao
Produced by Yuen Biao
Written by Barry Wong
Sam Chi-leung

Chan Kam-cheong
Starring Yuen Biao
Michelle Reis

Yuen Wah

Nina Li Chi

Wu Ma
Music by Violet Lam
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Chan Tung-chuen
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date(s) January 11, 1992
Running time 97 min
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese




  • Yuen Biao as Lo Ba Wong La
  • Michelle Reis as Chiu Seng-Neng
  • Yuen Wah as Black Section Sorcerer
  • Nina Li Chi as Sorcerer's Sister
  • Roy Chiao as Lawyer Robinson
  • Michael Dinga as Michael
  • Wu Ma as Wong's Master
  • Billy Lau as Airport Security Guard / Jail Warden
  • Lau Chau Sang (Fung Lee) as Tibetan henchman
  • Lay Kah as Tibetan henchman
  • Jackie Chan as Airport Passenger
  • Gabriel Wong as Mimi's lover
  • Anthony Carpio as Black Section Sorcerer's Henchman





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