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                            Film Review
                         Alien Agent

 Starring : Mark Dacascos, Billy Zane ,Ameila Cooke, Darren Shahlavi

Director : Jesse Johnson




Alien Agent

Alien Agent is a Canadian Science Fiction film where a alien invasion of Earth is imminent . A race of beings which have left their planet looking for a new planet to occupy , of course there's a snag for the inhabitants of Earth as the aliens have left their physical bodies behind and have travelled in space ships which house their life force which consists of lots of light particles .

So these particles need some kind of body ,oh it's OK they can inhabit a human body ,meaning the human race will be annihilated.

But not to worry because we have Rykker ( Mark Dacascos) on our side , a intergalactic warrior who also happens to be a alien from the same planet as our other invaders , Rykker has taken the body of a dying man to impose his justice on his rebel race.

Rykker must stop the rebel aliens before they can complete the build of a portal to bring their entire race to earth.

Taking place in a small town where the aliens have decided to start their entrance ,they cause trouble when they start wiping out the locals ,raising the alarm to the local Police .

Led by their leader Saylon ,who has taken the body of a local lowlife by the name of Tom (Billy Zane) , with his second in command Isis ( Amelia Cooke) who has a penchant for death and destruction.

But Isis has one weakness and that is Rykker as they where former lovers.

Now one thing I can tell is when a film is Canadian ,they have certain way about them and the way there filmed often gives them away. But as this is quite low budget it actually was quite hard to pinpoint .

Some of the action scenes in the film are not bad with some clever camera work to add effect ,the problem is the length of the action scenes , often over before you get into them . Mark Dacascos is given little time to really show what he can do ,even in the first few minutes his adversary is rebel alien Kaylor played by Darren Shahlavi , you think right this is going to be good and by the time you thought it ,the action has ended.

The film becomes a reversal of priorities when Rykker for part becomes the hunted. As oppose to Rykker hunting down the rebels.

The film also builds to a conclusion that you will see a nice end fight between Saylon and Isis who often uses her whip or unarmed combat to dispose of foe.

Sadly the ending is lacking in any real excitement and it seems that Billy Zane's role was little more then just a extended cameo so that they could have him on the credits as one of the stars.

Even though Alien Agent passed the time ,it passed it for the wrong reasons ,at times it was quite comical ,but of course it's not intentional.

Mark Dacascos has done some good films in the past like ''Drive'', Crying Freeman and The Hunt for Eagle One) but it seems he has done quite a few very low budget fare for a while which often don't have the budget or time to create fluid battles.

Of course since 2005 Mark has been the face of the Chairman of Iron Chef . He has done a few other films we will be featuring on site shortly ,but the most exciting thing is that Mark is set to play the role of Kung Lao in the second season of the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series.

Score out of Ten = 5

Review Date : 5th October 2013

Sertes Nake


                                        Stills and artwork


Directed by Jesse Johnson
Produced by Martin J. Barab
Written by Vlady Pildysh
Starring Mark Dacascos
Billy Zane
Amelia Cooke
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Cinematography C. Kim Miles
Editing by Asim Nuraney
Gordon Williams
Distributed by Alien Films
Running time 95 min.
Country Canada
Language English


  • Mark Dacascos as Rykker
  • Amelia Cooke as Isis
  • Emma Lahana as Julie
  • William MacDonald as Sheriff Devlin
  • Kim Coates as Carl Roderick
  • Billy Zane as Saylon/Tom Hanson
  • Dominiquie Vandenberg as Sartek
  • Annabel Kershaw as Aunt Lorry
  • Jim Shield as Jack Braden
  • John Tench as C.C.
  • Keith Gordey as Uncle Jim
  • Meghan Flather as Amber
  • Sean O. Roberts as Jerry
  • Darren Shahlavi as Kaylor
  • Derek Hamilton as Joe
  • Lindsay Maxwell as Monica

 source : wikipedia



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