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                   Alien vs Ninja

Directed  By:

Seiji Chiba



Copyright © 2010 NIKKATSU



I suppose it had to happen ,a film that gives us Aliens and Ninjas in one film. Well once again it s the Japanese film makers who have had this idea and in our recent look at Japan's more unusual films like Machine Girl and Robogeisha K..I.T.G. Keeps the trend going with this outing.

This 2010 production from writer Director Seiji Chiba is one for the light hearted with it's ample amounts of comic relief thrown in ( though if your not Japanese you may not find it funny).

The story centres around a group of Ninja of the IGA clan and one Ninja named Yamata who not born in to the Ninja was adopted but has turned out to be the most fearless.

When on a regular scouting patrol ( they are war with other factions from the Koga Ninja and various others) they witness a ball of fire in the sky that appears to go down in the forest. After a battle with rival ninja they head back home only to be sent back out to discover what the ball of fire was .

They discover a fellow ninja in a state of mutilation as if they have been ripped apart. They discover something attack them at great speed in the woods which is to fast to identify . That is until they discover a young boy who's village has been set upon by these creatures and wiped out the entire village.

The beings that have attacked are watching the ninja and have plans to attack all by killing them or infesting them with embryonic implants which can control them.,what’s crazy these implants which seem to live be born out of holes in the heads of these beings look like little squishy pokemon.

The film goes on as the team of ninja try and escape the evil creatures only to find them selves trapped and at the creatures mercy. Even when a reluctant Ninja heads back to camp to inform the head honchos to be greeted only by dead bodies and a feasting Alien . Things go from bad to worse when the Ninja are cornered and slowly get picked off one by one leaving just a handful of them to fend of the attack.

But when one of them gets kidnapped and implanted the Iga Ninja will have to fight there own men who under control ,by Pokemon by the looks of it.

Yamata and his fellow Ninja and the young boy who hides in the bushes have to try and kill of the Aliens and save there friends if they can.

The implanted Ninja controllers sit in their throat and when they discover these creatures they try and save them by thrusting their hands down their throats in a bid to get the little buggers out, They put a fight up ,but then slimy creatures having a party in your mates body is always a bummer.

The final battle will be between the last Alien and Yamata which is a classic fight to say the least is blinding showing some great moves and at the same time is so funny because of the guy in the rubber suit performing martial arts moves..

Now if your looking for serious Alien shenanigans the you may be disappointed but if you like those old Godzilla movies of old with guys in rubber suits pretending to be monsters then your love this .Throw in some top class Ninja action and special effects and you have a entertaining time watching this outrageous mad film .

It may not be in the same league as Robogeisha or High Kick Girl but entertain this will.

Score out of Ten = 7

Review Date: 31-03-2011

Sertes Nake



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Directed by Seiji Chiba
Produced by Seiji Chiba
Yoshinori Chiba
Written by Seiji Chiba
Starring Shuuji Kashiwabara
Ben Hiura
Cinematography Tetsuya Kudô
Editing by Seiji Chiba
Studio Nikkatsu (as 'Sushi Typhoon')
Distributed by Nikkatsu
8 Films
Release date(s) July 3, 2010 
Country Japan
Language Japanese





  • Shuji Kashiwabara (柏原収史 Kashiwabara Shuuji
  • Ben Hiura (樋浦勉 Hiura Ben
  • Mika Hijii (肘井 美佳 Hijii Mika
  • Donpei Tsuchihira
  • Masanori Mimoto
  • Yûki Ogoe




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