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                       Americana Review
             Angel of Fury
Starring: Cynthia Rothrock , Billy Drago,Sam Jones
Directed By: David Worth - 1992 
aka: Lady Dragon 2
With so many films out there ,i sometimes forget about films certain stars have done,well here we have a early 90's flick from Cynthia Rothrock.Filmed in Jakarta and featuring Billy Drago (one of the worlds all time film villains) and directed by David Worth.
Cynthia plays a champion fighter (Susan) who also happens to be married to a Famous soccer player named Sonny.Returning home from the states after a fight tournament our couple get embroideled within a Jewel heist when the criminals stash the stolen jewels in their luggage .
Arriving back in  Jakarta they head home ,only to be followed by the crooks who want to reclaim their stash.But when the crooks find the stash not in the luggage found in the house they terrorize Cynthia ,Sonny and their maid.
When they say they nothing about the jewels they cripple Sonny and rape Susan only to be saved by the maid who has set herself free and got the family shotgun out.
Thing is now Sonny needs hospital attention and Susan is distraught after her ordeal with ring leader Diego ( Drago).It's apparent that Sonny's career is over and the couple just want to get back to normal.
But when Sonny tells Susan that he has the Jewels ,he thought they where a gift from God ( Yeah and I'm the POPE).
Sonny hoped to help the poor people of Jakarta.Now of course the criminals are gonna be back ,they want their jewels.Whilst out shopping with the maid They arrive to terrorize Sonny who now is in a wheel chair.after smashing the place to bits they turn to Sonny giving him one last chance ,but when he says nothing they kill him on the dining table.
Returning home to find Sonny butchered on the table and the house in a mess,Susan is even more distraught.once Police have been and done their deeds ,a funeral is on the cards and it's from here that Susan decides to take revenge for herself .
After the funeral and meeting the locals who praise Sonny ,Susan becomes a lady of the night ,hoping to track down the criminals and making them pay.Getting the first guy quite easy while coming on to him while in her slutty get up ,they enter a elevator to go to his room ,whilst in the elevator she beats the crap out of him and killing him .
This only goes to fuel the anger of Diego who with his remaining partner ( who laughs all the time for no reason,you know what did they say ,hey we have a part for you in  a film,you gotta laugh ,OK ,yeah but throughout the whole film) Any way back to the film ,meanwhile a local detective on the case is curious of Susan ,as she constantly shuns the help of the Police ,but then you would if they turned up a week after you reported a crime.The Police capture Diego and get Susan for identification,but she does not identity him.
But what doesn't help is when Diego and partner decide to dig up Sonny and sit him in his wheel chair inside Susan's house.
This just sends her over the edge and now she's gonna get even no matter what First up Susan tracks down laughing man and in a other disgiuse she confronts him ,once he see's who she is they battle in a furious fight ,she eventually she gets her man ,he won't be laughing anymore
.In another bid to terrorize Susan  Diego kidnaps the maid ,who becomes infatuated with Diego.She believes they will live together.
Anyway in a bid to free her Susan agrees to trade for her .When she arrives at the meeting place Susan is met by a group of thugs Diego has hired ,But it's OK Susan deal with them easy peasy only to be confronted by her maid demanding Diamonds ,Susan is flabbergasted by this ,but as this ploy is not working Diego ends up mowing down our maid in his Mercedes.
Now the fight is on as Susan chase after Diego in a crazy car chase across town,ending up in a abandoned building where Susan will come face to face with Diego in a fight to the death.
So for a budget film how does it fair ,well it won't win any medals ,but the Jakarta location is pleasant in places ,of course the acting is a mish- mash of Good to Bad.Billy Drago always comes across as a good criminal,creep or  mental case.Cynthia does OK ,though her disguises are funny at times.I was so glad when the laughing guy got it ,but he's around a while.From action point of view it fairs OK with a couple of OK scenes but don't get to excited it's no China O'Brien or Rage and Honor.
A good one to view with mates and some beers i say.
Score out of Ten =  6 
Review Date: 17/09/10

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