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                           Film Review
              Bad Blood


Simon Yam, Andy On, Bernice Liu, Luxia Jiang,Ken Lo

      Directed By : Dennis S Y Law



                    copyright© 2010 Point of View Movie Production Co Ltd (HK)


As part of our Andy On Month ,Bad Blood is a new film from 'Fatal Move' Director Dennis Law.The film evolves around A group of Triads ,who whilst trying to smuggle a set of counterfeiting plates from  Mainland China in to Hong Kong ,but when their boss Andy Lok is captured with the plates the others have to return to Hong Kong without him.Now Andy is accused ,found guilty and executed ,leaving the Triad group in disarray with out money and without a leader.

Now Andy has a sister 'Audrey' who has arranged for the reading of Andy's will who she witnessed with Lawyer Peter Wong.They won't let the will be read until Andy's brother Jason gets back from the States.

Meanwhile one of the gang members 'Funky' played by the ever so great Simon Yam (who always gives his best in everything he does) decides a leader should be voted in and with the help of the others a vote is cast and made.Leaving Audrey to let them know when the will be read ,but not before implying that a large sum of money Andy had belonged to the gang.

After a while Jason arrives the group and family are gathered for the will reading ,Peter Wong reads the will and it discloses that all procceeds from the will will be split between Audrey and Jason ,the rest of the gang along with Funky leave but not with out reminding Audrey of her debt to settle.

Now the gang must wait ,Funky needs the money to finance the gangs activities But first Peter Wong is found dead and then  Jason is Blown to bits in his car and the blame is pointed towards Funky things get a bit dangerous.

One of the gang members ,Calf ( Andy On) has his own agenda ,always looked down on because he is the child of a prostitute and bears a large birthmark on his face. He plans to dispose of the members of the gang along with his side kick a young Dumb Girl he took in as a child. 

He teaches the young girl how to fight ( her name Dumby played by Wushu girl Luxia Jiang of Coweb Fame) This is where the film starts to center on this young couple of misfits who have a common passion of fighting.

At the funeral of Jason ,our Audrey starts to show a side we have not seen ,making a will for herself and proclaiming that if she dies all the money will be donated to the Red Cross.

Then we have Calf who starst his campaign to wipe his advesaries out ,starting with Kong a Sifu in the arts ,Calf enters his Training club whilst Kong is locking up and a fight ensues that will leave you wanting more.The chemistry between Calf and Kong is magnificent as a battle of Knife against Machete take training to a new level ,a level of Death.

Now knowing that Calf is looked down on by the others  Audrey aranges to meet Calf and prepositions him to kill everyone and they will split the money and he would be respected. Not agreeing or not not agreeing Calf leaves ,he has his own plan and it's one for himself.But one thing Audrey has is Calf's trust.

Calf next confronts two of the senior members in a duel that has him outnumbered but at the right moment his Sidekick Dumby comes to the rescue leaving him the time to fight Hung and Zen while she takes care of their foot soldiers.This is such a magnificent battle with feet fists and Swords coming in to play and with another two top fighters in the form of Hung(Ken Lo) and Zen ( Chai Wan -Man ) it's a fight that will leave you exhausted and reaching for the rewind button.

Not forgetting Dumby who whilst Calf is dealing with the big boys is being attacked by hordes of henchmen with machete's and batons.One things for sure Luxia Jiang is one to watch.

After Calf gets badly injured during the fight Dumby rescues him and gets him home ,but her only choice is to call his mother who happens to reside as a worker at the Lok residence.After a distressing conversation with his Mother and trying to calm Dumby ,Calf goes off to start what he started ,but the one thing he was not ready for is the back stabbing that Audrey does to him and i mean in a literal sense.

That leaves Audrey to confront Funky in a duel arranged by the triad society for leader ship .I always love it when Simon Yam gets fighting he's such a cool character and his Sword duel with Audrey is exciting even though Bernice Liu is not a professional fighter.

The outcome leaves Funky on the floor with Audrey sparing him not.I think she was jealous of his yellow coat.(i need to get one of those Now)

Now Audrey has it all,or does she ,because she was not banking on Dumby coming for revenge of Calf.As she races towards the gates of the Lok Mansion she confronts hordes of Guards and she is gonna take them all on.

In a battle to that has Dumby jumping ,running and fighting assailants from all angles.Getting in to the house she comes face to face with Audrey who plans to crush her like she did Funky and every one else for that matter.

The two fight while guards look on as Dumby falls foul of Audrey's kicks ,getting floored and beaten Dumby has one option left and that's to ignite the grenade she has whilst holding on to Audrey.

So Not a happy ending then ,but then all concerned in the film are criminal in some way,apart from poor Jason and Dumby who died for love .

Could it have been better ? Yes is the question ,but that can be said of many films.But the one area is Bernice Liu is not totally convincing as this hard as nails Femme Fatal out for all the money she can get ,she's great as the nasty girl turning everyone against each other ,but as a fighter she's not up to scratch to be convincing enough to have beaten who she fought.

Ok she got blown up in the end ,but it would have been better to have Dumby kill her and then Dumby arrested or shot if she had to die.In the case of Andy On Audrey gets him unawares ,because you know in a fight she would be dead.

But as a piece of action cinema that mixes the triad movie with a action packed fight fest ,the film is spot on.

Andy On is in top form and this film proves he is a force to watch ,and then there's Luxia Jiang ,this girl has got to be big ,brilliant.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : 08-09-10


  • Simon Yam as Funky
  • Bernice Liu as Audrey Lok
  • Andy On as Calf
  • Luxia Jiang as Dumby
  • Ken Lo as Hung
  • Chan Wai-Man as Zen
  • Xiong Xin Xin as Kong
  • Pinky Cheung
  • Lai Lok-Yi as Jason Lok
  • Amy Chum
  • Wong Tin-lam
  • Cheung Siu-fai as Andy Lok
  • Lam Suet as Peter Wong





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