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                   Hong Kong Classic Review
 copyright © 1993 Star TV Filmed Entertainment/Fortune Star entertainment HK LTD
                         Crime Story-  1993



Jackie Chan , Kent Chung , Lau Kar-Ying

Directed By 

Kirk Wong


1993 and Jackie Chan stars in a film that would come as a surprise to many ,as he would play a police inspector in a film based on the true life events about the kidnapping of property tycoon Teddy Wang.     

This would give Jackie the chance to show of his acting ability in a serious film with out any comedy.And this was all at the last minute as the film was earmarked for Jet Li originally but when Jet could not do the film Jackie stepped in for a chance to do something not like any of his previous films.

Chan plays Eddie Chan a inspector in the Royal Hong Kong police force who is assigned to protect Property developer Wong Tak-Fei (Teddy Wang)when the developer suspects he is being watched and a prime target for kidnapping .

Now a band of organized criminals including a fellow police officer here played by Kent Cheng (Hung).The criminals have a plan to kidnap Wong and get ransom of $500 million HKD   payed in to there over sea's accounts by Wong's wife .

But it does not go to plan as when the kidnappers strike they are blind to the fact that Wong's wife is in the car they are planning to ambush that Wong is driving ,and also the fact that Wong has notified Chan that he thinks he is about to be abducted.Chan rushes to the scene only to come head on in to confrontation with the kidnappers where they kill one traffic cop and Mame another to an inch of his life .

Having to quit pursuit to save the life of a fellow police officer Chan  drives the injured Police officer to the hospital in police convoy.

Now this is a classic scene from the film  and gives you a feeling of the tension in the film and also the fact that Jackie Chan was the promoter for the Hong Kong police around this time.

On top of this the kidnappers now have to deal with Mrs Wong who has heart problems and they have to literary have to jump start her heart to save her so she can be released to transfer the money.

What follows is a a tense and exciting view for all as Chan tries to locate the kidnappers with the help of officer Hung who unbeknown-st to Chan is one of the kidnappers.and at every opportunity sabotages Chan's plans to catch the kidnappers.   


Now  this was a such a change for Jackie that it made you sit up and take notice .It's just a great film that proves Jackie can act and that you did not have to wait for Shinjuku to find that out.

Even though the fighting is toned down there is still ample occasions for Jackie to show his fighting skills but also many times when he shows what a marvelous stunt man he and his team are as the stunts in this film are pretty awesome and i am sure they would have not been present if Jet had been the Star of the film.

The film grabs you and does not let go as Chan Travels to Taiwan with Hung to locate the kidnappers only to fall foul of Hung who wants Chan out of the way one way or another and top of this the Taiwan police force who arrest Chan and Hung for interfering in police investigations in a country they have no Jurisdiction in.

With a brilliant finale containing a good bundle and some top stunt work this is one Jackie Chan film to track down if you want to see Jackie play it Straight.Even though the story has been changed slightly for cinematic purposes ,as Wong was never found in real life ,believed to be dumped in the China sea's.


Score out of Ten = 8 






                          Alternate posters and DVD covers

The UK Hong Kong Legends release above


Original Poster above


                                           Cast and Credits
Directed by Kirk Wong
Produced by Leonard Ho
Written by Teddy Chan
Chi-Sing Cheung
Starring Jackie Chan
Cinematography Arny Lam
Arthur Wong
Editing by Peter Cheung
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date(s) Hong Kong:
24 June 1993
Running time 107 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese


Character List

Jackie Chan - Inspector Eddie Chan

Kent Cheng - Inspector Hung Ting-bong

Law Kar-ying - Wong Yat Fei

Chung Fat - Ng Kwok Wah / Wu Kuo Hua

Law Hang Kang - Wong

Puishan Au-yeung - Wong's wife

Blackie Ko - Captain Ko

Pan Lingling - Psychologist

Christine Ng - Lara

Low Houi Kang - Ng Kwok Yan

Wan Fat - Simon Ting

William Tuan - Superintendent Cheung (as Duen Wai Lun)

Mars - Bank Robber (uncredited)

Johnny Cheung - Black Dog

Rocky Lai

Nicky Li

Kai Man Tin

Chu Pak Wo

James Ha - Kidnapper

Chi Lee Chun

Chan Sai Teng

 source: wikipedia


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