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                 Cyndi Wang  ----  H2H


                                  Copyright © Golden Typhoon 2009

Cyndi Wang is a Taiwanese Pop singer and Actress ,having released  6 studio albums prior to this one .

Wang graduated from the Okazaki Arts School in Taipei, and from the Hua Gang Arts School drama course. Her family originates from Qingdao, Shandong, China, and she is a Buddhist. She speaks Mandarin, English and Hakka.

Her first album was in 2003 aptly titled ''Begin''.She was the first female star at Avex Trax Taiwan.


Away from music Cyndi stars in Taiwanese TV dramas as a actress.

So for her new album Cyndi had left Avex Trax and signed with Golden Typhoon and this is her first album with them .Her fans have been waiting what will appear .Well have no fear as Cyndi still has the magic from her previous albums ,maybe just a little bit more mature (but not to much).

It still has all those light uplifting happy songs that we have grown to love ,along with  some ballads that show her sensitive side.

If your lucky to own the Limited edition set with Bonus DVD showing videos for Happy Loving and Heart 2 Heart ,then it's a treat to see these .Also in this package you get a number of Photo lobby cards of Cyndi in various guises from the videos.



This is a real treat of a album from the Cute Heart 2 Heart where Cyndi dances with with five Large Asian guys weighing approx 120kilos each.


Apparently it got very hot in the studio dancing with these Guys.


Happy Loving 

And Happy Loving is one tune that your be playing again and again.





1. Happy Loving

2. Xin Dian Xin (心電心)

3. Wo Hen Hao, Na Me Ni Ne? (我很好,那麼你呢?)

4. Bie Shuo (別說)

5. Wo Hui Geng Hao (我會更好)

6. Xi Huan Ni Zen Me Ban (喜歡你怎麼辦)

7. Shining

8. Hen Ai (很愛)

9. Mr. Honey

10. Xiao Xing Xing (小星星)


So if you want some Mandopop then this new Album from Cyndi will be right up your street ,getting you bopping with the best of them , i keep singing the chorus to track 7 ''Shining'' .

Cyndi also choreographs the dances in her videos ,with some amazing results with routines that will have you thinking.

Even if your in to your heavy rock , Hip Hop ,RnB or whatever ,give Cyndi a chance and your be hooked .

This is what music should be ,FUN.



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