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                                               Film Review
                    EL - GRINGO

Starring : Scott Adkins , Christian Slater, Darren Shahvali

Directed By :  Eduardo Rodriguez


©After Dark Films,Silver Pictures 2012



Another unplanned review , all due to Love Films random sending of films. You never know what's going to turn up next.

Scott Adkins ( Ninja , Undisputed 2 /3/) stars in this Western inspired story of a stranger rolling into a small Mexican town and generally getting into trouble.

Known as The Man ( Scott Adkins) is a undercover DEA agent whose partners have been killed and as the lone survivor The Man is left with a stash of cash and heads of into the wilderness to arrive in a small outback town which has been overrun by thugs which is controlled by a crooked Sheriff.

The town is to a point derelict with the locals living on the bread line , they are also reluctant to engage with strangers.

After walking many miles in hot desert sun all The Man wants is some water ,but not even for a couple of hundred dollars can he get any water.

He soon becomes the victim of a Mugger who is female and not very good at it.

Even the local bar owner Anna is not so hospitable at first but agrees to let him stay the night in the loft.

But once she finds out what he's carrying she soon chucks him out.

Once again to fend outside he falls prey to the female mugger who manages to get one up on him.

But in a scuffle it is revealed that The Man is carrying a substantial amount of cash.

The Sheriff orders his goons to catch The Man and apprehend the money.

What ensues is a chase through town with some really good action. Scott Adkins manages to show some cool moves which are enhanced by some cool gun-play as eh is constantly bombarded by the Sheriff’s men ,who look like something out of a Batman movie with their painted faces .

Christian Slater plays The Man's boss ,Lieutenant West ,who just happens to be as corrupt as they come .

El-Gringo was released in USA cinemas for a short run in ten cities and then went to video on demand ,in the UK it is a straight to DVD film.

This is a fun film to pass the time , Scott Adkins has done better films as far as character building and even the action here suffers slightly from to much fast cutting and the director trying some arty angles in filming ,this may look cool in non action scenes but can ruin a good action scene as well.


With the likes of Scott Adkins and Darren Shahlavi on screen I would have liked to see more conventional filming for the fight scenes .

Mixing Desperado and Lone Wolf McQuade and Fire Walker , El-Gringo is a clever blend of styles even though in the end your not really care for the characters to much . Though the action holds your attention through out.

Score out of Ten = 6

Review Date : July 21st 2013

Reviewed By : Sertes Nake

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Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez
Produced by
  • Courtney Solomon
  • Moshe Diamant
  • Executive Producer:
  • Joel Silver, et. al.
Written by Jonathan Stokes
  • Scott Adkins
  • Yvette Yates
  • Christian Slater
  • Israel Islas
  • Erando Gonzalez
  • Sofia Sisniega
  • Valentin Ganev
Music by Luis Ascanio
Cinematography Yaron Levy
Editing by
  • Don Adams
  • Harold Parker
  • Eduardo Rodriguez
Studio After Dark Films
Silver Pictures
Distributed by After Dark Films
G2 Pictures
Tanweer Films
Release date(s)
  • May 11, 2012
Running time 102 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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