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                  EQUALIZER 2000


Starring: Richard Norton , Corrine Wahl , Robert Patrick

Directed By: Cirio H Santiago



Copyright © 1986 Concorde Pictures

"Equalizer 2000 "is one of Richard Norton's early films. Made and released in 1986.The film is quite rare to find. Not released on DVD anywhere in the world,as far as i know.

It is a "Mad Max" type of story with the world covered with sand and rock after a nuclear war. The radiation has changed the world. Nothing is the same! The only thing that remains the same is mans lust for power! With a group called the "Ownership" an unrivaled military group. Controlling most of the land and the most treasured resource...oil. Richard plays Slade a high ranking officer in the group who is beaten and left for dead by a commander Lauton.

Slade swears revenge on Lauton(William Steis).With his search throughout the wastelands. He shoots and fights(filmed too fast to see any real style.)his way through gangland members. One group is lead by Robert Patrick from T2.Although i think this was  a learning movie for Robert in his career. Richard looks fantastic. He is in probably the best shape of his life in this film.

The film has plenty of action in it. More gun play than Martial arts fights. A small amount of romance is thrown in between Richard and a rebel leaders daughter(Corrine Wahl).Not to be missed is Richards assembly of a machine gun. With grenade launchers and who knows what else attached .

That will give the group who owns the gun unrivaled power over everybody else.

With low budget and low production costs. This film is only really for Richards true fans. His presence on screen is really the only thing that keeps the audience watching the movie. With  other faces from Richards other low budget film.

This film is a good watch if you like Mad Max type movies.Don't expect too much of Richard fighting his way through the enemy with his bare hands. Do expect Richard shooting his way through just about everything else.

Stuart Smith

November 2010

Some Posters from the film

In some regions it was Known as Defender 2000


This is something Special ,do you think it was mass produced or is this it?

Stills from the film

Promotional Still


One Day we will all have cars like this



Time to Get Building


I bet it weighs a Ton




Richard Norton ...
  Corinne Wahl ...
  Robert Patrick ...
  William Steis ...
  Frederick Bailey ...
  Rex Cutter ...
  Warren McLean ...
  Peter Shilton ...
  Don Gordon Bell ...
Gossage (as Don Gordon)
  Ramon D'Salva ...
  Vic Diaz ...
  Bobby Greenwood ...
Denah (as Bobbie Greenwood)
  Henry Strzalkowski ...
  Bill Kipp ...
  Steve Cook ...
About our Reviewer
Stuart Smith is a Experienced Martial Artist and a Avid Richard Norton Aficionado.I was Lucky to meet Stuart in Germany at the 2010 Berlin Movie Convention.It's here we struck up a friendship and he was more then pleased to do the reviews of some of our Richard Norton Features this month. 




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