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                             Film  Review
         Fatal Blade

Starring: Gary Daniels, Kiyoshi Natajo,Seiko Matsuda

Director: Talun Hsu






The Yakuza are giving the locals a run for their money in this 2001 action flick starring Brit Kicker Gary Daniels ,Gary plays Detective Fox a  LAPD  police man on a mission of revenge when his partner gets killed ( Not Original story then) .

The Yakuza are making their presence felt ,when other mobsters get pissed of at the way the Yakuza Boss Ryujin does business. Ryujin plays the Loyal Yakuza man who runs the LA region of the Yakuza ,but in truth the man is just a like any other mobster ,not caring about innocents and basically lives life like a playboy (nice if you can ).

But when local Gangster Bronson gets in the way of their business ,the Hierarchy in Japan send their top Assassin ,called Domoto ,upon arrival he is not impressed by the La Yakuza way .And not enamored by the Afro American right hand man of Ryujin.( You know this would not happen )

But Domoto gets more then he bargained for when his assassination attempt on Bronson is foiled by Fox and his partner.

But it's when Domoto is captured and gets a chance to escape with a local Japanese woman who is due for deportation that Domoto will get more into trouble. Fox's partner gives chase through the streets ,but when he crashes and Ryujin shows up to rescue Domoto ,Ryujin Shoots him. Fox arrives just to late and only to see Domoto leaning over his partners body with his sword.

So that's it ,Fox is enraged at his partners death and his relationship with his girlfriend suffers ,he is hell bent on getting Domoto ,that is until he tracks him down to a hideout .But when they are attacked by henchmen Domoto saves Fox and the two part ways.

Fox is sure now that Domoto is Not the perpetrator of his buddies death and turns his actions towards Ryujin.

But to take on the Yakuza he will need help and this will come in the form of Domoto and his trusty sword. Ryujin has been playing everyone of each-other and will get his comeuppance as will night club owing Gangster Bronson who though a gangland boss is far to caring to a real meany.

That's it a simple affair and one that's been done many times before (American Yakuza anyone) .

The films fights are OK ,Gary Daniels gives a good performance with some good action set pieces ,though his opponents have little to do but get hit and fall.

Kiyoshi Nakajo (Domoto) is cool as the silent Sword wielding assassin .

In the end the film is watch-able 90 minutes of action fodder ,it won't win any medals on the Originality stakes and is not the best Gary Daniles has done and pales in to comparison to his films RAGE,Fist of the North Star and Black Friday. Also the subtitles may put some of when the Japanese speak ,especially that it's such a low budget film.

It's probably great with a few mates and some beers ,but saying that after some beers you would not be able to read the subtitle parts ( MAYBE A GOOD THING).

Score out of Ten = a mediocre 6

Review Date : 08-04-2011

Sertes Nake

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                                         Cast and Credits
  • Actors: Gary Daniels, Kiyoshi Nakajo, Eric Lutes, Kentarô Shimizu, Seiko Matsuda
  • Directors: Talun Hsu
  • Writers: Talun Hsu, Bill Zide, Nao Sakai, Simon Tse
  • Producers: Gary Daniels, Charles M. Fries, George Cheung



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