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              Old School Kung Fu Review
               FEARLESS HYENA


Starring: Jackie Chan  / James Tien /  1979

Copyright 2001© Eastern Heroes Distribution/Licensed to Medusa Communications ltd

Classic Jackie Chan ,made in 1979 ,Jackie was given carte blanche after the success of Drunken master and as well as Choreograph the film was also the director though he was assisted by Kenneth Tsang as co-director.

Any way this was a chance for Chan to show Kung Fu the way he wanted to show it, from a comical stance .So even though the story was like most other Kung Fu flicks of this time ,Young student gets revenge after his master is killed.

This film did it with a twist in that Jackie brought a lot of comedy to it ,and something that i remember from Bruce Lee's FIST of Fury (Bruce's ability to portray various characters within the role )

And Jackie doe's just this as he fronts a martial arts school where he is the only good fighter and performs in various disguise's , a retarded cross eyed fool and a woman .

Now this gets the attention of a evil Kung Fu master Yen Ting Hua  as the teacher of the school TI Cha (Lee Kwan) uses the banner of the Sien Yi Clan to attract new students and challenges from rival schools .Who Jackie disposes of repeatedly.

Now Jackie (Lung)has been trained in kung fu by his grandfather Chen Peng Fei a master teacher here played by James Tien. Now Chen keeps his kung fu secret so as not to attract attention as Yen Ting Hua is out to destroy him and his clan.

But when he stumbles across the school Lung is Fighting at he discovers the sign and looks for Chen in the Area ,only to be given up by Lung accidentally ,and when he realizes Lung rushes back to his home only to find Chen in battle with Yen and when he try's to intervene is stopped by a member of his grandfathers clan The Unicorn.

The battle ends in the death of Chen and Lung is most distraught.

Now Lung(Jackie) attacks Yen in the village in a frenzy but is beaten only as Yen does not know him.and again is saved by Unicorn .When he realizes he can not beat him he trains with the unicorn to get revenge .

What follows is a marvelous training session where Jackie shows  his stuff ,with some crazy training methods  from upside down sit ups while being hung from a tree and vigorous hand to hand and weapon training involving fighting devised from the emotions of the body from Anger to sorrow and Joy and Happiness .

All this is so he can get even for his grand pa and even he does as Jackie gives a demonstration here which is mind blowing as he battles Yen's Hench men with spears and swords only to dispose of them to get to Yen ,and this is a duel and a half as both fighters display a array of moves that will have you cheering.All in all a classic Chan vehicle that all should see and if you have not 'do so now.                                                            

Score out of Ten = 8 / The Snake    




                                                    Classic Chan


                                            Cast and Credits
  • Jackie Chan - Shing Lung 
  • James Tien - Grandpa
  • Dean Shek - The Coffin Seller 
  • Chen Hui Lou - The Unicorn
  • Yen Shi-Kwan - Yen
  • Lee Kwan - The Master
  • Cheng Tien-Chi - Willow Sword
  • Chih-ping Chiang
  • Shao Hua Chu
  • Eagle Han
  • Hsing Nan Ho
  • Hong Hsu
  • Huang Kan-man
  • Sae Ok Kim
  • Kuo Nai-hua
  • Chang Ma
  • Kang Peng
  • Wang Yao
  • Wan Li-peng
  • Chi Sang Wong
Directed by Jackie Chan
Kenneth Tsang
Produced by Hsu Li Hwa
Written by Jackie Chan
Kenneth Tsang
Starring Jackie Chan
James Tien
Music by Frankie Chan
Chen Hsua-Chi
Cinematography Chen Yung Shu
Editing by Liang Yung Tsan
Studio Goodyear Movie Company
Distributed by Lung Cheung Company Limited
Release date(s) Hong Kong:
17 February 1979
Running time 97 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese


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