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Starring: Preeti Barameeanant

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Take Ong Bak and add a mix of Roller-Ball and Kung fu Dunk and FireBall is what you get ,FireBall is A Thai film that's not got Panna Rittikrai at the helm or any where else for that matter.Coming from a different studio and producers and Directors ,it's nice to see other Thai action films getting a UK release.(Yes this is out NOW in the UK).

Starring Preeti Barameeanant ,who is being touted as the next big action star ,the film looks hopeful.

Now FireBall evolves around a sporting match ,that is quite illegal in that the players are teams of Five who play to basically get a Basketball in to a net ,the winner is the first team to score one goal ,and there's only one Net.

Seems mediocre from that standpoint,the big difference is that these guys do anything to stop their opponents from scoring ,this includes beating the living day lights out of each other and if that does not work then killing your opponent  is on too.All arranged by rich business men to make money from bets ,that could make a killing.

Preeti plays Tai who is released from prison only to find that his twin brother lay in a coma in hospital ,the cause FireBall .

  So what does he do ,well he finds out about this sport of death and pretends to be his brother (Tan) returning to the fray ,even though his brother  was beaten to near death the last time no one suspects he's not who he says he is.By getting in with a new team and working his way through to  the finals in a hope for justice.


Action wise the film does not let you down ,it has all the crazy fighting we come to expect from the Thai's at the moment ,with Muay Thai and inventive moves and kicks that will make you sit up and watch .Once the film starts and Tai is part of a team the action comes thick and fast ,and along with the story which has Tai going up against the players that ruined his brother.It makes for a adrenalin fueled ride.

But and it's a big but,where Ong Bak ,or Chocolate or any other film action choreographed or directed by Panna Rttikrai or anyone else at Baa-Ram-Ewe offer fight scenes that focus on the action from a viewpoint ,FireBall falls prey to the American style of quick editing often found in films like the Transporter or any film where the fighters are one extensively doubled or not as talented as we are led to believe.

Now it could be that the director "Thanakorn Pongsuwan "wanted to give a international feel to his film ,that's not a bad thing ,but when it constantly flashes from one piece of action to the next at break neck speed with near epileptic Consequences then it fails big time.

I really wanted to give this a big thumbs up as the basics of the action and the story work well together ,but the quick messy editing ,that gave me a headache at the end which lasted for ten minutes after is a major flaw here.

Sum Up - Don't view if your prone to epilepsy,migraine or if your drunk ,on second thoughts being drunk might help with this one.

Score out of Ten = 5

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