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1Starring: Kazunari Ninomiya , Ken 'Ichi Matsuyama




This is a Live Action version of a Manga and Anime that was published first in 2000 and is a ongoing saga . In 2004 a Anime was produced and aired in 13 episodes on Japan TV and all this from a Manga which consisted of 31 volumes.

Now we all now how live action versions of comic book heroes,Manga,Anime and such like often come under strict scrutiny from their many fans .

GANTZ is no exception and apparently the reception from thus crowd has not been ecstatic.

For me it's slightly different ,i new of Gantz but have never seen the Anime or Manga so I stepped into this with a fresh open mind ,expecting to be surprised by some top Japanese sci-fi action.

To a point I was pleasantly surprised by the production values which came to a astonishing 3.4 Billion Yen for this first film , I say first as yes there is a second .

The story of GANTZ is quite unique , it surrounds people who have fallen foul to death ,but at first they do not know this ,whatever happens to them whether it be a accident or foul play all they know is they wake up in a empty room in a apartment ,all that'in the room is a Black sphere like object of quite large nature. ,in the room are other people from all walks of life all not knowing what there doing there.

After some deliberation as they cannot leave the room the sphere opens to reveal a Bald naked man

( Gantz) with him are suitcases for each of them ,each one containing a skin tight black suit.

They are instructed to put on the suits and told that they are deceased . Other then that not much else is revealed to them other then they must get ready ,gradually each of them disappear as though beamed away. .

They seem to be outside ,some have been sensible to have put on their suits while others have not.

But when they are attacked by extremely strong adversary. The unlucky group who have not put on their suits are at risk of extreme injury ,though the ones wearing their suits have a new found energy and power with increased abilities.

Once they have defeated there adversaries they are beamed back to the apartment room , where GANTZ assesses there performance ,the ones that have died stay dead, the others get scored and awarded points , reach 100 points and you are set free (but what this means is kept in the dark) A certain number of points will get you able to resurrect a fallen comrade if you so wish .

And that's how the plot of the story plays through. With each battle that they are sent on the intensity gets more and more frantic and dangerous.

The special effects in GANTZ are quite good , with some quite grotesque scenarios .And once again the quality of the actors is high. Though the English Dub for the American release has been slated for poor quality dubbing.

But for me the film was entertaining and I enjoyed the movie , I did feel that it was a slightly slow start and when the action got going I found myself wanting more, in the end I was satisfied and looked forward to the sequel I new about. But now I have heard that many think the sequel ''GANTZ ''Perfect Answer' is not as good . Still everyone’s opinion varies and I'll see it anyway and let you all know what I think in due course.

So if your viewing this without ever have seen the Anime or read the Manga ,chances are your going to love it if your into quirky Japanese story-lines. Add to this the CGI effects and action packed scenarios that no Resident Evil fan would shun and more weapons then you can shake a leg at from big guns,swords and odd devices to surprise you.

For the Fans of the Manga ,you should view with a open mind, as no Live action version of a Manga or Anime will ever surpass the original due to limitations of what you can do in a live action film. In Anime and Manga there are no limits but the writers own imagination. Can you imagine a live action version of Urosokodoji ever pulling it off , of course you know it would not due to what they could show on screen and get a rating.

So for me GANTZ scores high on the meter .

Score out of Ten = A Monster Blasting 8

Sertes Nake


July 6th 2011

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                                            Credits and Cast


Directed by Shinsuke Sato
Produced by Takahiro Sato
Screenplay by Yūsuke Watanabe
Based on Gantz by
Hiroya Oku
Starring Kazunari Ninomiya
Language Japanese, and English dub
Budget 3.4 billion yen(part 1)


Kurono Kazunari Ninomiya
Kato Ken'ichi Matsuyama
Tae Kojima Yuriko Yoshitaka
Nishi Kanata Hongo
Kei Kishimoto Natsuna



Job Name
Director Shinsuke Sato
Screenplay writer Yūsuke Watanabe
Producer Takahiro Sato
CG work Digital Frontier





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