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                         Hong Kong Classic Review
  Godfathers Daughter Mafia Blues


Mark Cheng / Alex Man / Yukari Oshima / Dick Wei



Copyright © 1998 Mei Ah laser disc co Ltd

This is a classic from 1991 though the DVD was only released in 1998 ,but there was a VCD  release before that .

This film is one of those films that showcase Hong Kong action at it's best even though it may not be a film everyone's heard of ,and does not have a big budget.The story goes that Wai and his friend Nam on a evening out have a barney with some Triad members that gets them in to trouble to a point that the Fish Farm where they work (which is run by their Uncle ) is set upon and destroyed.

This leads them to try and find out who is responsible and they are fooled in to believing Traid leader Li (here played by Alex Man) is the culprit but when they infiltrate Li's home they in-sue in a fight which in the end results in them being led to the real trouble makers. Thing is they are beaten by these other triads when they confront them and it is Li who saves them .

Now Li is impressed by them and their fighting skills that he hires them to work in his nightclub.Now Li is in partner ship with his friend who is from Japan but when he dies the control of the Business goes to his son Kuyama (here played by Ken Lo ).

Li tries to buy Kuyama's share and gets his friends to raise cash for the transaction ,but when Li's friend Tung (Dick Wei)gathers his cash and everybody else s and does a runner Wai and Li's Feisty Daughter (played by Yukari Oshima) track him down .


Yes the story is a bit Choppy in that there is a lot going on and many sub plots ,But this was the way with these films from this time .What makes it a top film is the action is top  notch with fighting from all protagonists .

Add on top of this some brilliant stunt work which looks quite painful and you have 90 minutes of very enjoyable entertainment.

Then you have a cast that will make you sit up and look with Mark Cheng and Benny Lai Wai giving it large alongside the ever reliable Yukari Oshima.

Plus add Ken Lo and Dick Wei who are power house fighters in to the mix and you know this will be good.  So all in all  Top Fighter that deserves your inspection.                            

Score out of Ten= 8.



The Snake.    

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                                         Cast and Credits

Mark Cheng Ho Nam
Yukari Oshima
Alex Man Chi Leung
Dick Wei
Ken Lo Hui Kwong
Wong Yu
Leung Kar Yan
Fung Hak On
Tai Bo
Yeung Fan 




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