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Starring:Kwon Ming -Gi ,  Kim Ji Myeong


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Ha ,a Korean Martial art flick for a change,as not many are made and when they appear i always like to track them down .Providing their reasonable to buy as some Korean films can set you back a pretty penny.

Geochilmaru is the name of the film in question and it looks like i have found a film that one day may be similar to what i am doing here.

The film which is directed by Kim Jin-seong and stars a group of Martial artists that know their art (maybe not are all true masters but this is a novel film).                

  Basically Geochilmaru is a founder of a Martial art website of which there are many thousands of members.once a every so often members are picked to travel to meet this Master on the web so they may learn from him.


Eight protagonists are chosen to travel to see him all from varying martial arts background ,a mini bus is hired to pick them up and take them on their journey.      

  Among them are a film stunt man,Taekwondo master,Wushu acrobat a Wushu female champion a Kick-boxer  and traditional Boxer ,street fighter and Judo Champion.

Thing is once all together they are told that only one of them may meet the legendary Geochilmaru and that they must decide among them who it should be. ( i have to do this ,think someone can meet the Snake).

They are each given a bracelet ,and only the one that possess all eight bracelets can meet the master.So after much verbal confrontation they decide the only Way is to have a tournament ,so along there travels on one of their stops they all get out split up and  and whoever meets one another will do battle and the loser will give the winner his or her bracelet.



Now given that the weather is snowy  their near forests ,what we have is the stage for some pretty awesome battles .On top of this they have already had trouble with the police who seems to keep running in to them ,but it's only one policeman by himself in a rural area and he's timid as well.(the street-fighter guy has already disarmed the policeman of his gun prior to the battles)

So what about the film in general ,well it's shot on a budget on digital camera's and it does show a bit ,also the acting is not really top notch ,i think because these are fighters not film stars.Some people may think the action is too slow but considering the low budget cameras used  and the fact we have NO CGI or Wire work ,it's these guys and gals doing all their own action.



So did i enjoy it ,hell yes once your past the beginning and your comfortable with the quality of the camera work .which you will forget i assure you .You will have a really good time as the eight fighters enter in to battle at random to attain the bracelets.Along with some light relief from the incompetent Police man popping up now and then and some story twists that will make you enjoy the film more and more.


I highly recommend this budget auctioneer from Korea and await the next fight flick from this part of the World.

Score out of Ten = 8

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