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 Hanzo the Razor ''Sword of Justice''

Starring:Shintaro Katsu - 1972


Copyright© 1972 Toho company/Katsu production co Ltd/2007 Eureka Entertainment Ltd.

What we have here is the first film in a trilogy of films starring Shintaro Katsu who plays Hanzo a tough law enforcer in Japan in the Edo period.Now with these films they gave a new edge to traditional films set in this period by including Funk 70's style soundtracks and basically Soft Porn .

Now Hanzo is a policeman that feels his duty is to protect the people of Edo from Criminal injustice and corruption.Known as the toughest man out there he backs this up by enduring awfully painful torture techniques devised by himself,then uses this on people he has arrested to get Confessions.

But when it comes to the ladies he uses somewhat alternating methods due to being well endowed.This is also backed up by some of the craziest torture and exorcises i have seen in a film ,as Hanzo Prepares his penis for the ladies he is going to interrogate ,by pouring boiling water over it then smacking it with a stick and more things on from there .

This gives him the power he needs to get confessions from female prisoners by basically taking them to seventh heaven ,by coming up with crazy ways to penetrate them.

    In this film Hanzo investigates the mistress of one of his superior officers ,who in turn is thought to have dealings with a well known criminal Hanzo is after.This he finds to be true when he discovers the criminal and his superior share the same Mistress.

Now reading this you may think this is just madness but to tell the truth taking away the fact that a lot of the film relies on his manhood .We should also note that the film has a good production value as do the sequels ,the fighting is top notch and exciting.And on top of that the story is quite good.

But then it should be as it's based on a well known Manga and stars Shintaro Katsu who if you don't know was famous for the Zatoichi Blind Samurai films in which he starred in 25 between 1962-1973 and then made a 26th film in 1989 and not stopping there went on to make a Zatoichi Tv series to.

I enjoyed this so much it has fighting ,sex,comedy,it's set in Feudal Japan and has a great soundtrack.If you want to see what Japanese cinema has to offer you have to see Hanzo in action.

Score out of Ten = 8

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A strange way to interrogate ,but may be something your in to!

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                                            Cast and Credits
Directed by Kenji Misumi
Produced by Shintaro Katsu
Hiroyoshi Nishioka
Written by Kazuo Koike
Kazuo Koike (story)
Takeshi Kanda (story)
Starring Shintaro Katsu
Yukiji Asaoka
Mari Atsumi
Takahiro Tamura
Ko Nishimura
Music by Kunihiko Murai
Cinematography Chishi Makiura
Editing by Yoshiharu Hayashi
Distributed by Toho
Release date(s) Japan December 30, 1972
Running time 108 minutes
Country  Japan
Language Japanese



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