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Starring: Cynthia Rothrock / Donna Jason - 1992


Cynthia's Back ,this time in another Godfrey Ho film from 1992.

Also starring is Donna Jason / John Miller /Chuck Jeffreys and Robin Shou of Mortal Kombat fame.Cynthia plays an FBI agent sent back to the states from Hong Kong after working with Interpol agent Dragon Lee (Robin Shou).She is sent back to trace a missing Warhead Trigger which is for sale on the Black market.Returning to the city where her sister lives ,who just happens to be a reporter for the TV .

Now her sister here played by Donna Jason who plays Joyce Pride is investigating a Banker named Jason slade (John Miller)who is believed to embezzled a Billion dollars .Now Jason slade is a ruthless Banker who is running a company his father once ran and is using funds to do illegal dealings like buy Warhead Triggers.Chuck Jeffreys plays his Bodyguard who after witnessing Slades awful deeds quits and sets out to expose him, When Cynthia (Tracey Pride)discovers that slade is the buyer and reseller for the Trigger she and Joyce team up to infiltrate his dealings with the help of Chuck Jeffreys who is out for some retribution and Dragon Lee who arrives in the states to help Tracey .

On top of this the girls father is a secret agent for the CIA and is also working to counter Slades deal.Now Tracey and her father get on well but Joyce does not as her father  left her as a child to live with the girls Sifu from there Martial arts school.



Now this is a film with lots of twist and turns in the plot and there are quite a few characters to get to grips with here 'and there are some i have not mentioned.

But what this film lacks in polish it makes up for in fighting action with Cynthia showing her stuff to good effect ,and Donna Jason also dealing out some good Kung Fu.On top of this you have Chuck Jeffreys who is the Martial arts version of Eddy Murphy and a good fighter too, giving it large with some really nice foot work.The film has lots of fight scenes to enjoy and though Robin Shou doe's not get to shine to the degree he did in Mortal Kombat or Tiger Cage his presence is a welcome one.

Then with John Miller displaying his steel ring Kung Fu along with his crazy mad man side as Jason Slade you end up with a action packed 90 minutes.So may be not Cynthia's best but a good one from Godfrey Ho,this is a solid piece of entertainment.

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