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                 Hong Kong Classic Review
          In The Line Of Duty 3

Starring : Cynthia Khan , Hiroshi Fujioka

Directed By: Brandy Yuen & Arthur Wong


Copyright ©Star Entertainment /Joy Sales

In The Line of Duty 3

How do you follow up two of the greatest action films of the 80's without either of the original two stars appearing in the film, well for D&B films they wasted no time in filling Michelle(Khan ) Yeoh's shoes by casting Yang Li-Tsing as Hong Kong Police woman Madam Yeung .

Mind you they did give her a new stage name which just happened to be the same family name as Michelle Yeoh had used, Yes Cynthia Khan had arrived to take on the franchise and by also casting Japanese actor Hiroshi Fujioka as a Japanese Policeman Investigating his partners death who comes to Hong Kong ,they brought a connection that many would remember from Royal Warriors.

Cynthia Khan would play the part of the Hong Kong Police woman assigned to baby sit a Visiting Japanese Policeman who is set on revenge .

The story surrounds the Robbery of some jewels from a exhibition by a leading Japanese entrepreneur by the name of Yamamoto. When Red army activists storm the exhibition in Japan killing many in the process including a Japanese Police man , Detective Hiroshi Fujioka ( yes playing himself) promises to get even.

He tracks the thugs to Hong Kong after falling foul of his superiors who have given him leave .Madam Rachel Yeung has been given the duty to escort Fujioka around Hong Kong ,hopefully stopping him from causing havoc.

Things don't start to easy ,as at the same time Fujioka lands at the airport so does Yamamoto , Fujioka believes he is behind the whole rotten deal .

After mistaking the wrong guy for Yamamoto ,Fujioka attracts attention of Security officer Michael Wong played by Melvin Wong. Funny really as it was Michael Wong that played Michael in Royal Warriors a air-plane security officer, looks like there trying hard to make us feel at home here.

When the robbers find out that the jewels they stole where fake ,they head to Hong Kong to have it out with Yamamoto ,who just happened to be in on it all for the insurance.

This creates havoc for Yamamoto ,who's life is on the line.It's Not so rosy for Madam Yeung as when Fujioka tracks them down all hell is going to break loose as he goes on a rampage of destruction trying to get revenge.

When the robbers track down Yamamoto ,there is of course only one course of action for them,

and the intervention of Fujioka lends it self to more trouble for Madam Yeung who gets caught in the middle.

When Nakumura (one of the robbers) gets injured and hospitalized ,the police think they have there man ,that is until Comrade Michiko Nishiwaki (again playing herself) plans to free him, but when Madam Yeung and Fujioka give chase they kill him and Nishiwaki vows revenge with the help of another comrade played by hard man Dick Wei.

So By now you would think the cast where all hospitalized after the events , well in fact some of the characters will be. Dick Wei is the Diamond Fence who had discovered the jewels that Michiko and her partner had stolen. When Fujioka and Madam Yeung's superior are hospitalized this offers the crooks a chance for revenge ,but then they still have to deal with Madam Yeung.

In The Line Of Duty III is a very good action film from the golden age of Hong Kong Cinema, it may lack some of the finesse of the earlier two films ,but the fights ,stunts and pace more then make up for any shortfalls.

It also was a good début for Cynthia Khan ,she went on to star in another four sequels as well as the classic ''Queens High''.

Cynthia Khan shows she can hold her own in the action stakes ,but then when your up against Michiko and Dick Wei at the same time you better be good or pay the price.

Score Out of Ten = A Rampaging 7

Review Date: April 2012



                                     Alternative artwork




                                        Cast and Credits

        CAST                    and      Characters 

  Cynthia Khan       ,,, Rachel Yeung

Hiroshi Fujioka ...
Hiroshi Fujioka

Sai-Kit Yung ...
Nakamura Genji (as Stuart Ong)

Michiko Nishiwaki ...
Michiko Nishiwaki

Hua Yueh ...

Paul Chun ...
Inspector Cameron Chuen

Bennett Pang

Dick Wei ...
Diamonds' Fence

Sandra Ng Kwan Yue ...
Police Woman

Melvin Wong ...
Michael Wong, Yamamoto's Police Escort

Ching-Ho Law

Eric Tsang ...
Neddy's Friend

Richard Ng ...
Neddy the Ninja

Shui-Fan Fung ...
Airport Security Officer

Sally Kuo ...
Jewellery Model




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