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                 Asian Music Review
                 Back to Stage  - JYP

Park Jin-Young  often referred to as J.Y PARK or JYP is a Korean artist  and record producer who has released 7 albums and help make stars out of many Korean singers including Rain Bi and The Wonder girls ,he's also the first record producer to cross over to the States producing for Will Smith and Mase.Born in 1972 and active in the industry from 1994 he has had many a hit.

This is a review of his 2007 album Back to Stage.


 Back to Stage is JYP's seventh album and contains a varied balance of upbeat and to mellow  slow tunes all in a R&B style with a hint of Rap and Kpop.But then this man is Known as the Asian Soul.


                                      Copyright 2007©JYP Entertainment

Track list as below

 01 . Kiss
02 . 니가 사는 그집
03 . 니여자
04 . Delicious(니 입술이)
05 . Single (Feat. Bobby Kim)
06 . 딴따라 블루스
07 . 사실은
08 . 나 돌아가
09 . 이런 여자가 좋아 (Feat. Dynamic Duo, 전제덕)
10 . 위험한 장난
11 . 엇갈렸어(Feat. t 윤미래)
12 . 대낮에 한 이별 (Feat.선

 The track list is above and is written in Korean and English ,on some of these albums it's hard to get English breakdowns when you don't speak Korean 'even though i can count in Korean it does not help me here.So to the album from the opening track Kiss your taken straight in with it's catchy beat and laid back feel and the sultry voice of JYP is a joy to listen to even when you don't understand Korean.I really liked this track.


Second track kicks in  which Translated means "Your House" is a beautiful mild dance tune with very soulful  feel to it and reminds me of soul from the eighties.

We go more upbeat for track 3 and this is a good tune with slight Rap style molded in with it.Then we get the brilliant DELICIOUS in track 4 which is a very sexy slow song ,it's just Soul at it's best .

Track 5 is Single feat.Bobby Kim and the mellow feel stays with this catchy beat with a chorus to have you hooked and  singing along,on to track 6 and upbeat we go with this tune to get you up and dancing which has very distinct beats in and it's another tune that you will be humming to for the next few days.

Track 7 and you get a slight electronic sound once again in a slower soulful song that you can shut your eyes to and just chill ,you know when your just content after eating or whatever you might be doing this is chill out bliss.on to a soulful ballad with track 8 which continues with the chill out feel and it's here that JYP's voice really shines .

Track 9 which features the Dynamic Duo and it's upbeat again with a helping of RAP but with a nice mellow background ,it amazes me how the Koreans  do Rap and in my opinion it's better then the stuff from the states which is to aggressive for my liking and is not music to my ears where this truly is..

Track 10 and soul is back and JYP has brought it to us with this brilliant track with it's catchy beats ,bloody marvelous.Coming to a close nearly with Track 11 and a song  with a slight Rap and featuring a female artist who Raps partly in English,this is a nice tune before our closing track which is up next and featuring the Wonder Girls in a closing slow epic ballad with a orchestral fell to it .

So all in all a very entertaining album with no lazy tracks on ,it comes packaged in the standard western style of case with a the cover book which features a lot of pictures of JYP and a word list if you can read Korean.If you like Soul and mellow tunes this could be for you ,you see you don't need to understand a language to appreciate it's Music. The Snake.  





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