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          Karate Robo Zaborgar


Karate Robo Zaborgar

If you ever liked the old Japanese films with men dressed in Dinosaur suits battling each other ,then your love Karate Robo.

Based on a 70's Japanese TV series Denjin Zaboger this film directed by Noburo Iguchi who is one of the new breed of directors in Japan making lower budget action fare.

Noburo's other films tend to be more comic horror orientated with lots of the red stuff to shock. Noburo originally directed Adult films then moved on to films like Machine Girl ( a massive hit in the West as well ) Robo Geisha and Zombie Ass.

But it's not to mean that Karate Robo is any less zany then his other films.

This film stars Isuji Itao as Yutaka Daimon a guy who works for the secret police and along with his robot motorcycle ,Zaborgar.

When a organisation called Sigma ( run by Cyborgs) start kidnapping politicians and officials to harvest their DNA so they can unleash it's ultimate weapon on the Earth , the weapon just happens to be a very big Robot which will be powered by a cyborg /Human hybrid. .

Problems arise when Yutaka Daimon takes on the Cyborgs with his battle robot Zaborgar . The evil Dr,Akunomiya sends his no'1 cyborg Borg to bring earth to it's knees . Borg is a female Cyborg with a well equipped body, but what Akunomiya did not bet on is is that Daimon and Borg would fall in love through their admiration for each others abilities.

This causes problems fro both sides ,for Daimon it ends his relationship with Zaborgar , his Motorcycle robot come karate expert.

The film shifts some twenty five years into the future ,Daimon is older and has diabetes. Thing is Sigma is still on their path of finishing their ultimate weapon and they have new help in the form of a pair of twins ,one whose a Human and the other who is a cyborg hybrid.

It looks like once again Daimon will have to fight for justice ,as anyway he's been unable to do anything else with any enthusiasm since a young man and letting down the human race.

Zaborgar is a fun film with some of the wackiest scenes , from Diarrhoea robot to a Samurai robot that sucks the life out of it's prey ,Zaborgar manages to capture the magic of those old films and series whilst mixing modern effects with old school film making, a a big thumbs up to the guy who performed martial arts action whilst wearing the Zaborgar suit , it's just awesome , stand out scenes that stick to mind is when the younger Daimon is confronted by his future romance ,Borg who appears on a similar robot motorcycle called Black Hawk , the two robots transform to battle each other and Black Hawk has a fetching little skirt as they chase each other around it looks like a whirlwind romance as opposed to a robot fight for the battle for earth.

Though the film resembles the old school TV series ,this version is probably not kid friendly as there is a bit of adult humour abound ,though there was a shorter version with a lot of these bits excluded. .

In the fight stakes it may not be as fluid as some of Noboru Iguchi's more adult orientated films like Machine Girl or Mutant Girls Squad. But what it does it does well and shows that transformer style robots where around years before Hasbro got their ore in .

This not going to appeal to everybody and is pretty much a cult film and probably only fans of the genre of this type of films need apply. But if you give it a chance your find yourself amazed at the happenings on screen or even shocked at what your watching , but that's the fun of it Noboru Iguchi has directed a feast for they eyes as the action very rarely lets up and with each new frame it never ceases to surprise in a glorious splash of colour across the screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed Karate Robo and look forward to more films like this from the home of Robots and Monsters.

Score out of Ten = A Boomerang attack 8

Reviewer : Sertes Nake

Date : January 2nd 2013


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Directed by Noboru Iguchi
Starring Itsuji Itao
Distributed by Toei Company
Release date(s)
  • January 28, 2011 (Rotterdam)

  • October 15, 2011 (Japan)
Country Japan
Language Japanese



  • Itsuji Itao as Yutaka Daimon
  • Akira Emoto as Dr. Akunomiya
  • Yasuhisa Furuhara as The Younger Daimon
  • Naoto Takenaka as Daimon's father
  • Hiroyuki Watanabe as Detective
  • Asami Sugiura





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