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                               Film Review


Starring : Marko Zaror

Direted By :  Ernesto Diaz Espinoza


Copyright© 2006/Mandrill films/2008 Revolver Entertainment

 Yes it's a review of our prize film 'Kiltro' .Well Kiltro is the first Chilean Martial arts film starring Marko Zaror in the lead as Zamir .The film is directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza who also wrote the story.Now Zamir is one of those harmless giants who is in love with Kim (who seems to be just a school girl here.a bit weird here)Anyway she has no interest in Zamir even though he had saved her from rapists.

Thing is the only way to show his affection is to beat the hell out of any guy that talks to her (not really the way to go)Now Kim is played by Caterina Jadresic and she is clearly not Korean but her father in the film clearly is and runs a Martial arts school.Now when a Mysterious Man arrives to take revenge on Kim's father Zamir comes to the rescue only to be beaten up by this Zorro like character (Max Kalba) who is quite brutal with his walking stick which he uses to a bloody effect.Now Kalba kidnaps Kim's father and Zamir and Kim run away to a Small dwarf who is more to do with Zamir then he knows ,as he new his father who was a great combatant. Now Kalba  wants revenge for the betrayal of a past love who Kim's father ( Teran) was part off.

Now Teran was also part of the Drunken sect and vows revenge of all of the sect .This puts Zamir in the front line as his father was part of the sect .Now the Dwarf (Nik Nak)  is unable to fight Kalba and defeat him as he is Old and a Dwarf (his words not mine) So he sends Zamir to train with Soto a former sect member who new Zamir's father ,now when Kalba hears this he kidnaps Kim.Well now learns the art of Zeta from Soto and upon learning this he gets given a set of Bladed Spurs.Basically what happens Zamir must infiltrate Kalba's hide out and fight of his Cronies before confronting Kalba and rescuing Kim.



Now is it Entertaining ,yeah it's pretty easy to watch (don't forget this is Chilean with Subtitles)From a martial arts view Marko Zaror is very competent and pulls off some very fancy kicks at quite a speed considering he's a big guy.

The film is quite bloody throughout with Kalba and his walking stick come sword which he hooks and slices peoples body parts off with ,then when Zamir gets his spurs he has  ago at slicing people to bits with spinning kicks,jumping kicks and so forth.From a low point the film has a strange story which borrows from many old films (the director's  a fan of i suppose ).

The Zorro character does not fit the story so well and the guy playing him is not as talented a fighter as we would like ,then we have the dwarf character (nik nak) i thought i had started watching another film when he appeared.Along with the strange eyebrows Kim has (you keep looking at them 'thinking whats going on here).Is it worth a watch a big yes just because some of the action is cool ,but he's not the next Tony Jaa as the advertising would imply.The Snake                                                              Score out of Ten = 7.5   




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