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                             Film Review
              Kuro - Obi

     Starring: Akihito Yagi , Tatsuya Naka , Yuji Suzuki

 Directed By: Shunichi Nagasaki -2007

aka: Black Belt



Real Karate Real Fights Real Japan  the header reads and like all films you take it with a pinch of salt ,But with this film from 2007 by Shunichi Nagasaki you will enter a world of pure martial art bliss .

From the opening 5 minutes you know your in for something special when just from watching the training sequence at the beginning you know it's REAL KARATE then the first blow is struck by one of the stars of the film and it blows you away ,I think  i stood up and shouted YES at the top of my voice like i was at sports event or something .Any way the story goes like this.

  Before World War 2 ,three disciples ,Taikan,Choei,and Giryu,were taught by Karate master Eiken Shibarain a remote mountain Dojo.

When the Japanese military police attempt to seize the training hall,the three disciples resist and soundly defeat them though Choei receives a crippling injury ,even though he's only injured in the arm he could have become the one armed boxer or something instead of moping about with a sling .

After wards , on his deathbed their master bids his pupils to focus their skills inward and decide who is worthy of being his successor and being presented with his Black Belt.You know it's not going to be cripple boy as he's sobbing in the corner over a smashed up arm ( use your legs for Christ's sake).

So it's down to the two remaining pupils to earn the right to the Black Belt.Who will it be ,you cant wait can you well i am not going to tell you .The remaining two take opposing paths in life one working for the military as to test his skills against worthy opponents the other through no fault of his own ends up living with a strange family.


Well i can say this is pure Karate all the way and the force of how it is portrayed is a joy to behold and no one interested in the martial arts should miss this film each and every move is so real you think people are dying here.The stars involved are brilliant and credit to them and the director ,because they have made a film that embodies the essence of the martial way and i commend them for it .

On top of that we don't get to see that many fight flicks from Japan as most come from Hong Kong or Thailand now so this is something  special .

 Score out of Ten = A great 8


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