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                             Film Review
             Legendary Assassin

Starring : Wu Jing , Celina Jade

Directed By : Wu Jing ,Nicky Li 2008

copyright©Gold Typhoon Entertainment 2008



Wu Jing you may not know him by name but the chances are you have seen him in a film .Now he came to fame some years ago as Jacky Wu-Jing when he starred in a kind of sequel to Tai-Chi master with Jet Li,The  aptly named Tai Chi 2.                                     

Now Wu Jing born in 1974 is  a National Wushu Champion from Jet Li's school,and so is a master martial artist ,so what you see is all him.He has made several Hong Kong action movies to good acclaim and has starred opposite Sammo Hung Kam Bo a couple of times.

 So Wu plays Bruce who goes to an island of  Hong Kong ,he goes there to confront and kill a triad leader and behead him.Why this is not apparent and when he is unable to leave the island because of extreme weather conditions he looks for a place to stay ,meanwhile the members of the Triad that have found there leaders body minus his head are out to track the killer and recover their bosses head at request from his wife ,who is also a cold blooded gangland boss.But all they can say is the man that took his head was carrying a bag come holdall.                                        

Enter Celina Jade who lives on the island and happens to be a police woman is off duty and trying to retrieve her cat from a tree and she falls of 'she is Miraculously caught by Bruce and saved but not with out ripping his clothes .A good excuse to go back to her place and on for a bite to eat.                                                          

Unfortunately whilst eating she spots three criminals who are eating at the same place and try's to confront them but when she is nearly killed Bruce steps in to save her and we are treated to what Wu Jing does best 'Fight like Mad'.                                         

From this Bruce is taken to the police station  were he is to give a statement and be hailed a hero not forgetting to pick up his holdall before they set off.When asked whats in the holdall 'he replies ,a Bowling ball.and nothing more is asked.apart from one cop who is jealous of Bruce as he has feelings for the Celina,so he is badgered throughout by this nosy cop who is not sop sure about him.But everyone else thinks he's great.

So from now the police are his friends 'the gangsters are looking for him .

Mean while answering a call Celina and her fellow police officer stumble across the place were the triad leaders body is minus head and fight it out with the triads but to no avail and end up being saved by a mysterious character.

So now the body's in the police station ,the mainland police have been notified and will arrive when the storm clears and the triads launch a plan to get the body back. What happens next i will leave for you all to find out ,but one thing  i will say this is a film to set you up for some shouting at the screen as Wu Jing fights his way throughout the film with brilliance and what follows is pure adrenaline as he kicks and flips and punches and breaks bones .so a film to watch for sure .   

                                                    The Snake                                                                        


                Score out of Ten  = 8






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