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CloudToe has been part of K.I.T.G. since it's inception ,Contributing Articles ,photo's and posting video's he has been at the forefront of the site.

He is also a experianced Martial artist with many years of experiance behind him ,so it is with great pleasure that we present his first film review for the site which will be the start of Many.

                    Lung Wei Village

 Starring: Lo Lieh , Polly Shang Kuan , Yueh Hua




Film title - Lung Wei Village, Killer Hillz, 99 Cycling swords, Des Karatekampfer Aus Granit

(here are a few titles that this film is known as, but commonly known as '99 cycling swords')

 Plot ( now this is the tricky but, but will try )

Anticipating a rebellion in the small village of Lung Wei, the Manchu Warlords order the local magistrate to find the rebels. The magistrate hires four warriors to carry out the this task.

Review - The film starts out like the old classic Kung Fu films I remember from my youth, the laugh out loud terrible dubbing, the over the top fighting with lots of jumping around and flying in the air. So bad it was good.

But then it all gets very confusing. There is a mysterious bloke, all dressed in white going around fighting everyone. Anyone who wears white and is a bit handy is suspected. Four such white clad warriors each suspecting the other as being the bad white clad figure have a bit of a fight, but then join forces to find the real bad white clad figure. Confused? I was. It then gets a bit more confusing, one of these White clad warriors is clearly female, two very visible obvious reasons. But, and here is the clever bit she disguises herself as a man by wearing a hat, in fact two hats (the fur one is my favourite).

And here is the spoiler and why one of the titles of the film is 99 cycling swords. She/he produces a sword, you will never guess from where. She/he says earlier in the film the sword is not that impressive, making us think it is going to be, but guess what it isn't. There isnt even 99 of them. And to be honest I could of used it and saved the day. Silly ending to the film. Maybe something lost in translation.

The film has little moments of promise, but the plot is too slow and confusing. I like these type of old films and wanted to like it, but didn't.

 Reviewed By : The CloudToe

 Review Date : 15 -01 - 2011


The German Front titles









                                         Posters and artwork



Asian release as Lung Wei Village ( above) 

                        French Poster of Lung Wei Village aka 99 Cycling Swords

                                          Cast and Credits
  Polly Kuan ... Shangguan Tong/Yang Jiaofeng
  Yueh Hua ... Hao Yanbang
  Lo Lieh ... Zeng Canghai
  Lung Tien-Hsiang ... Bai Jinghou/Thy Deathtoll
  Woo Gam ... Bai Minggu/Lily
  Yu Chung-Chiu ... Master Wan Liang
  Cho Boon-Feng ... Master Men Shitong
  Chai Hau-Keung ... Master Xia Xuehan
  Lau Yau-Bun ... one of 4 Master of Lung Wei
  Cheung Wai (2) ... Mayor Gan
  Yip Fei-Yang ... Chaoji
  To Wai-Wo ... Master Wan's disciple
  Wong Chi-Sang ... Master Wan's disciple
  Hau Pak-Wai ... Master Wan's disciple
  Poon Cheung-Ming ... Master Wan's disciple
Tsang Ming-Cheong ... Master Wan's disciple
  Chin Lung (1) ... Master Wan's disciple
Production Manager
  Ho Mei-Ching
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
Script Supervisor
  Tsui Diy-Toi
  Ng Hung-Tin
  Kam Lan
  Chu Siu-Lun
  Chui Tak-Lei
  Wong Chun-San
Costume Designer
  To Yuk-Lan
Assistant Director
  Chan Hing-Lai
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung

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