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                                     Japan Town Review
              The Machine Girl
Starring: Minase Yashiro
Directed By: Noboru Iguchi
Now you may be thinking ''oh i don't know ,is this for me''Well let me set your mind at rest and say yes it is with a resounding smile on my face.
Now i must admit before viewing this film i was skeptical if i would enjoy  it ,especially after reading about it on other sites,magazines and general speak.But i thought i would go for it as after viewing the top ''RoboGeisha '' and thoroughly  enjoying it.
So was i right to get this suppose blood fest?
Yes i was ,what many views or reviews about the film fail to comprehend is the back story of the film and the fact that the lead character is NOT  a all out loony who goes round chopping up people for fun.
Also Not mentioned in many other reviews are the blinding martial arts on show which go together to create a action fest which also has a heroic yet sad story behind it .
So on with the film , Ami Hyuga and her Brother Yu live together alone after their parents  committed suicide after being accused of some horrific murders.Now Ami is older then her brother and does quite well at shcool and is very athletic ,she takes care of her brother and they get on with life.
Now Yu and his friend Takeshi are best friends but are bullied by the local Yakuza Bosses kid 'Sho Kimura''.Often having to bring money for protection (which he gets from his sister ) but when the boys fail to bring the amount required they are told to return with the balance then some.
Meeting the next day in a building high up they are beaten and ,retaliating the boys try and break free but are restrained ,beaten and thrown off the building to their deaths.
Ami who finds out about it rushes to their rescue but being attackd on the way by some perverts arrives to late to save their lives.
This sets in motion a vendetta that Ami will set out on.At every turn she is shunned because of her parents ,even by Yu's best friends parents (mainly the mother Miki).
After confronting some of the boys from school who know the truth she even goes to their parents ,one pair of parents seem slightly crazy and even attack her this results in Ami taking drastic action to find the truth.But when you've had your arm battered and fried it usually brings out the worst in you.
When she finds the truth she attacks the home of Sho Kimura and the Kimura Yakuza who are slightly deranged to say the least.After taking out many Yakuza she is eventually taken and tortured which results in her fingers being sliced of one by one ,but Sho's mother is not happy and ends up getting her arm chopped of .
On her her tether she knows she must survive and at the right oppurtunaty she makes her break for it ,on the run  she ends up at the home of Takeshi's  parents Miki and Suguru Sugihara. Bleeding at a alarming rate they take her inside (Miki still not happy about her being there) Suguru fixes her up as he is used to fixing up injured people .When she comes round he knows she must recover ,Miki and Ami get about setting the record straight aabout her family and they end up bonding ,Miki even teaches her to better defend herself while Suguru devises a attachment for her arm (A Machine Gun).
They all know the Yakuza will find them and they must get ready to defend themselves .Towards the end of her training the deadly Yakuza arrive to attack them ,bringing with them some deadly ninja warriors to kill them of once and for all.
In a battle that will spell bind you with the effects and action poor old Suguru fights to finish off the Machine gun for Ami.
Just when he's done applying the trigger while the girls fight the Ninja's ,Suguru throws the attachment to Ami unfortunately for Suguru he will come to a abrupt end when a Ninja blade will slice him to pieces.
Now all alone the girls will have to survive alone ,they kill all but one man while Sho gets away.After some torturing with a large Hammer and some very long nails they find out what they want.
Now is the time that the Bond between the girls will truly be tested as they attack the base of the Yakuza and Sho Kimura and his evil parents ,but not known to them is that the Kimura's have trained a elite group of assassins to take care of business and there all the parents of the boys Ami has killed to find out the truth.
In a battle which will see Guns ,Machine Guns and Chainsaws come together in battle  ,the blood will flow like never before as limbs are shorn off ,blown to bits and sliced like ham.
but the real test will come when the girls meet Sho's Father and Mother, who have some devices up there sleeves that will shock the hell out of them.
Not giving to much away here to what will happen as surprise is the essence with these films.But if you want to see something edgy and out of the ordinary and don't mind a bit of Bloodletting then Machine Girl is a Rip Roaring Roller Coaster Ride of a film that will  Entertain with a capitol ''F'' for fun.
Yes the film is near the mark so to speak ,but that's the thing that makes these Japanese films so appealing ,even with all the Gore it seems all so comic book that in the end it's not so disturbing as people may think ,add to this some awesome fight action and you have a great nights entertainment and some more.
Score out of Ten = 9
Review Date: 17 -12-10
A Real Red Christmas 

The Snake
                                             Stills from film

When This Girl gets going ,there's no stopping her!

Poor Yu ,you know he's on his way out .


Sho Kimura,A Yakuza Kid with some crazy parents


Ami Hyuga, she will take revenge as Machine Girl.

 Looks like Trouble's ahead ,or could it be Death.

 For More action shots from Machine Girl ,look out for a dedicated Photo page coming soon. 

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                                          Cast and Credits
  • Minase Yashiro - Ami Hyuga
  • Asami - Miki Sugihara
  • Yūya Ishikawa - Suguru Sugihara
  • Kentarō Shimazu - Ryūgi Kimura
  • Honoka - Violet Kimura
  • Noriko Kijima - Yoshie
  • Ryosuke Kawamura - Yu Hyuga
  • Nobuhiro Nishihara - Sho Kimura
  • Taro Suwa - Kimura gang member
Directed by Noboru Iguchi
Produced by Yoshinori Chiba
Yōko Hayama

Satoshi Nakamura
Written by Noboru Iguchi
Starring Minase Yashiro

Kentarō Shimazu


Ryōsuke Kawamura

Kentarō Kishi

Ryōji Okamoto

Tarō Suwa
Music by Takashi Nakagawa
Cinematography Yasutaka Nagano
Editing by Kenji Tanabe
Distributed by Fever Dreams
Release date(s) United States:
May 23, 2008
August 2, 2008
(theatrical release)
Running time 96 minutes
Country Japan
United States
Language Japanese
Followed by Shyness Machine Girl


**Please Note before viewing ,Contains Explicit GORE. whOOOAY!



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