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                               Film Review

    Starring :

Iko Uwais ,Sisca Jessica

Directed By : Gareth Evans




                                      copyright © 2009 Merantau films.


 Fast paced action and Martial art films! Indonesia spring to mind ? ,No ,well it will now with the release of this Martial arts story based on Silat.

Silat ! yes Silat a Indonesian martial art ,that at first bears a resemblance  to Traditional Muay Thai ,but upon a closer look you see bits of Jiu-jitsu and Kung Fu .

Well the star of this Film is one Iko Uwais a rising star in the Martial art film world and a top class exponent of Silat.

The film starts with a Young man (Yuda played by Iko Uwais) who has learn't the art of Tiger Silat or Harimau as it's known,he has learn t this from a young boy and in tradition plans to seek experience by leaving his home ,family and mother to gain knowledge of the world by going to the big city of Jakarta.

His plan is teach Silat to children in the big city ,but when he arrives the place he is meant to stay has been torn down and now he is Homeless.What makes matters worse is while grabbing something to eat his wallet is stolen by a young boy ''Adit''.

In a chase reminiscent of those Jackie Chan chases that featured in all his classic films ,Yuda leaps and jumps trying to catch the young boy ,when he finally corners him at the work place of his sister ,who works as a hostess in club.

Adit approaches his sisters place his sister ''Astri '' getting abused by her governor outside the club.When Adit tries to intervene he has no luck ,but as Yuda arrives he breaks up the trouble in a swift and devastating manner.

Getting his wallet back ,he leaves but not without being abused verbally by Astri .With no where to stay he takes refuge on a building site ,staying in large Sewer tubes that are stacked high.

This was Not the vision of his adventure he had hoped to experience  ,but then all life's experiences are part life's teachings.

Thing is his life will take a turn that will put him in more danger hen he could imagine.Again while out looking for work and eating he witnesses Astri being attacked again by the club owners ,only this time there are more then one of them.

Without thinking he goes to her rescue ,but outnumbered and without thought he gets beaten ,but not for long.Left to vegetate in the alley ,he comes to his feet and enters the club in  a fury taking on all comers as they attack with arm,feet bottle and bat ,he takes them all on making his way to the offices where Astri is being kept along with other girls .

Busting in he rescues Astri to the dismay of the Boss man.Having saved her from a fate worse then death (Foreign sex trade).

Now the chase is really on as now he will be hunted along with Astri as the sex traders want revenge and their girl back ,as now they are one short for their deal.What ensues is a thrilling display of Silat by Iko Uwais as dispatches many numbers of goons in a fight through the city.

Even though he may have won this battle the Criminals will not give up and when they catch up with Astri ,once again Yuda will engage in battle as he storms the criminals den to free Astri who is being held captive in containers along with other girls .

 This is a a film that you will not want to end as even though the film does take a little time to get going ,once the action starts it does not let up ,many people will compare to Tony Jaa ,but the one thing this film has in bucket loads is one, some top acting on part of 98% of the cast.Compared to some Thai films and even Japanese films it is heads and leaps above in this department.

Two, The action is very real ,each fight seems as it would be in a real life situation ,where as Tony Jaa's films are very dynamic in a entertainment way.Merantau is exciting but at the same time worryingly realistic.

I must say if i had to pick a film of the year right now ,this would be it.Congratulations must go to Iko Uwais and his performance and portrayal of his art.

Also congratulations should go to Gareth Evans the director  .

I truly enjoyed this film and it left me wanting more and at the same time it gets you thinking.

Score out of Ten = 9

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                                       Shots from the Film

It will be a while before you see something this good.

Iko Uwais Fly's in to action.

They keep coming,when will they Stop?

Merantau ! Exciting and realistic at the same time.

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International Poster

German Bluray

 USA Bluray

                                           Cast and crew
Directed by Gareth Evans
Produced by Ario Sagantoro
Written by Gareth Evans
Starring Iko Uwais
Sisca Jessica

Christine Hakim

Donny Alamsyah

Laurent Buson

Alex Abbad

Mads Koudal

Ratna Galih

Yayan Ruhian
Distributed by Merantau Films
Release date(s)
  • 6 August 2009 (Indonesia)
Running time 135 minutes
Country ‹See Tfd› Indonesia
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