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         Mr & Mrs Gambler


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Mr & Mrs Gambler

Prolific director Wong Jing has been responsible for so many films ,whether he has directed or Produced or even starred in he always has something new to show his audience. Whether those films are great or not.

For this venture he pairs up one of Hong Kong's top comediennes ,Chapman To ( The Bounty ) with the ever so delightful Fiona Sit ( The Bounty) for a lovers romance that stems from our main protagonists hate for one another.

Chapman and Fiona play two compulsive gamblers ,they spend their lives betting on horse racing,football matches or playing mah jong or visiting the Macau Casinos .

It's in one of these Casinos that the two will come head to head in a battle of who can keep their cool . But when both parties end up owing more to the Casino then they can pay they find themselves held hostage by the casinos henchmen.

After being abused by having nasty words written on them and starved of food and generally humiliated they eventually get set free with the aid of Shu Qi's (Chapman) Father coming to pay the ransom. Unfortunately Shu Qi is believed dead as they leave.

Now our intrepid duo have to survive , Shu Qi ( Chapman) is a actor and gets a starring role in a Hong Kong movie ,Flora ( Fiona Sit) goes to a fortune teller to find out her future. Flora is told that she would meet a hapless character who would be her soul mate.

But the person the fortune teller describes is our believed dead to be dead Shu Qi.

Now when Flora and her friend happen chance by the film set ,it's here she realises that her gambling foe did not die and is in fact all very well indeed.

Now one thing about some of Wong Jing's films is that there not all that coherent , the film has zany scenes that detour away from the story in question ,even if they only last ten seconds at a time.

But here these crazy elements are put to good use to show the extremes that people go to feed their addiction ,whether it be Gambling,Drink,Drugs or collecting. For a personal vice people will go to many lengths to secure their goal.

Even on their wedding day Flora and Shu Qi are more concerned about a Horse Race then committing their vows to each other.

The film does end up following a typical story line of love betrayed and the couples break up as both parties get involved with other partners ,but it is the custody of their child that will put the most pressure on the battling couple as their lawyer say they must commit to stop gambling and must be watched and confined for two weeks before the trial hearing.

It's these two weeks of Gambling cold turkey which will provide the film with many of it's funny and mind bending moments.

Now Mr & Mrs Gambler is a good little film which is light hearted and Chapman To and Fiona Sit are two very watch-able and likeable characters. The film does not climb to the same heights of their slightly newer work The Bounty . But ones thing for sure the chemistry between these two performers on screen is one to keep you watching.

Score out of Ten = 7

Review Date : April 2013

Reviewer : Sertes Nake




- Wong Jing


- Jings Production Company


- Chapman To

 -Fiona Sit

- Law Kar ying


- Hong Kong


- Cantonese / Mandarin

-English / Chinese subtitles


- 2012


-  100 minutes



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