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                               Film Review

Starring: Scott Adkins , Mika Hijii

Directed By : Issac Florentine -2009

Scott Adkins is slowly becoming some one to watch in the martial arts circles ,having trained from the age of 14 in various arts from Judo ,Taekwondo,Kick-boxing and Wushu he has become a fluid and impressive martial artist.Many would know him from TV and his role in Holby City.Having starred in many films as fighters or action men from the Bourne Films to X-Men,it was his role in Undisputed 2 that got him really noticed .Now for the first time he is the star in this first rate action flick from Israeli director  Issac Florentine ,who in my opinion has a fine eye for shooting these type of action scenes as he himself is a profound Martial artist.

Now in Ninja Scott plays Casey who is a American guy who since a young age has been trained in the art if Ninjitsu  ,taken under the wing of head Sensei after losing his parents he is trained alongside fellow students in the art of Ninjitsu .As time goes on the Sensei is getting on and needs to name his successor .

The one that gets the honor will be the given the job of protecting a legendary chest that date's back to the Koga Ninja Clans.Within the chest are the ancient weapons of the Koga Ninja ( The Yoroi Bitsu).It is Casey and a fellow Japanese student who also has been with Sensei since child hood that stand the chance of getting this honor.But the Japanese student is resentful and jealous of Casey as he is a American.


Scott Adkins As CASEY in Ninja

When in a fighting training session the said student tries to kill Casey with a sword he is expelled from the school and told never to return.You know he's gonna come back don't you?

Meanwhile in America a business man who wants control  over his Russian counterparts and enlists the help of a Assassin (who just happens to be our expelled student).So now our angry student has become a hit man for hire.

On the day of Sensei's retirement and the event of naming his successor the ceremony  is interrupted by our Ninja hit man threatening the school.When the school is attacked the Sensei sends Casey and his daughter along with two other students to America with the Yoroi Bitsu to a friend there.

Upon arriving the Yoroi Bitsu is put in to a vault for protection ,while in Japan Sensei is confronted by his former pupil and a duel takes place as he has come for the Yoroi Bitsu who assumes is his rightful belonging. Finding that the sacred Chest is not there the Sensei is Killed .And in that moment he finds out where the Chest is by a chance of fate.

So now the fight begins as crazed Ninja Assassin arrives in America to reclaim the Yoroi Bitsu and it's up to Casey and Sensei's Daughter to stop him.What ensues is a chase through the city as Casey and friends are attacked at the place they are staying and all but cay ad Sensei's daughter are killed and as the only witnesses go on the run .

Now wanted by the Police as well as our Ninja Friend and the band of Cult worshipers who work for our rich business man who has used our Ninja hit man for his dirty work.It will all biol down to Casey having to face his fears and protect the girl ( who happens to be a fully trained in Ninjitsu to)she fires a bloody good arrow .


So from a standpoint this film is a homage to all those Ninja films from the 80's which starred Sho Kosugi  like Nine Deaths of the Ninja  and Rage of Honor.The fight scenes are fluid and hot in a way reminiscent of the Hong Kong flicks of the 80' and 90's .It's exciting to watch as Scott unleashes his arsenal of moves and it's this along with the direction of Issac Florentine that makes this a winner ,even though the story is somewhat mediocre the acting is fine and what it lacks in one department it makes up for in another.

A film that deserves more then one viewing for sure and a lot better shot then the bigger budget Ninja Assassin with Rain Bi.

Score out of Ten = 7 

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                                       Cast and Credits

Scott Adkins ...

Tsuyoshi Ihara ...

Mika Hijii ...

Todd Jensen ...
Det. Traxler

Togo Igawa ...

Garrick Hagon ...
Professor Garrison

Miles Anderson ...

Valentin Ganev ...

Atanas Srebrev ...
Detective Vukovich

Fumio Demura ...
Shihai Dai

Kenji Motomiya ...

Nikolai Sotirov ...

Harry Anichkin ...
Very Rich Man

Velizar Binev ...

Assen Blatechki ...
Failed Guard



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