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Well here's a film i did not know made in 1982 and starring Richard Roundtree /Jim Kelly /Jim Brown and Fred Williamson who also directed.This is a film about a Karate tournament put on by Jim Kelly (Chuck) and Richard Roundtree (Ralph) as a money spinner .but when the mob get involved and rig the fights  Ralph and Chuck try to stop them but get injured in the process and there backers Cal and J ( here played by Williamson and Brown) come looking for them and to claim the money which is rightfully there's .


 Now at the start of the film your treated to an array of fighting in the ring that sets up the pace quite well and Jim Kelly does some nice moves in trying to escape the Mob and one fight where he's been injured and has to fight with one hand is a good fight to watch as his adversary is also capable .

Then suddenly it's as if Ralph and Chuck have had enough and enter Cal and J who roam in to town to get some answers about the money there owed from the Tournament.What ensues is a gun fest with Williamson and Brown going round shooting people trying to get answers about the money and there missing friends Ralph and Chuck(I wanted to know too).But we don't get to see them till the end of the movie and No more fighting takes place .So as the first thirty five minutes is quite entertaining from a martial arts point of view this all ends and it's like your watching two films spliced together .

It's a bit like the screens to small for the four of them to be on at the same time .So though i enjoyed in part ,this is just mediocre.The Snake.


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