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                     Thai Action Review
             Ong Bak 3

Copyright© 2010 Sahamongkol


Well here it is and earlier then many expected ,already out in the UK on DVD without getting a cinema release ,Why ? Read on to find out.

When Ong Bak 2 ended in a cliffhanger as such it quite let the steam out of watching the film ,more so that the Ong Bak 2 was a bit of a mess in places and even though the fighting was fast and plenty i did not feel it was up to the original Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong.

Now with all the stories that came out about Tony Jaa disappearing of set i was surprised to hear that a third was being made so soon after and that Panna and Petchtai Wongkamlou would return to add their input i was quite hopeful for a blistering piece of action.Add to this that Dan Chupong would also return as the crow ghost  in a more major role , i thought it cannot fail.

Sahamongkol also got the screenwriter who did Pirate Fighters ( Queen of LanKasuka ) to Write the story ,How could this fail?

The film starts as a direct carry on from Ong Bak 2 ,Tien is captured and in stocks after being beaten ,but when the time is right he makes for a escape and tries to fight his way out ,but to no avail ,thus he is recaptured and tortured by having his limbs broken with sticks and poles ,in a state of complete brokenness he lay a cripple at the mercy of Lord Rajasana.

Even Tien's guerrilla warriors show up to try and free him but this is no use as the Crow Ghost appears and kills them .

Now Rajasana offers Crow a position but Crow Ghost refuses and counter offers to remove the curse on Rajasana as he has been having nightmares.

Rajasana instructs for Tien to be executed ,but at the vital moment a man arrives with orders to stop the execution and takes Tien away to local village where Pim is also staying.

Now the village is attacked ,but luckily Tien is saved ,though he is a coma like state.Now the master of the village felling sadness over Tien's predicament ,shaves his head and becomes a monk.

Now in a bid to use reincarnation to rebirth Tien the Monk and the locals and Pim come together to bring Tien back to life.

Crippled and mute by the looks of it Tien is coaxed back to health by Pim using her method of dancing by the looks of it.This girl dances a mean dance while Tien is buried prior to his rebirth and after only this time Tien must join in to regain his abiltiy .

Meanwhile Rajasana visits the Crow Ghost to remove his curse ,but Crow has other plans ,he has no plans to help Rajasana ,but instead wants to usurp him and become the lord of the land himself.

In retalliation Rajasana sends in his guards ,but they are no match for Crow after dispatching Rajasana's guards he heads for Rajasana decapitating him in the process ,but Rajasana's decapitated head curses Crow before all life is diminished.

Now Tien is under going his rehabilitation under the guidance of Master Bua the Monk.And amidst this the village is attacked by Rajasana's men and Tien must fight to survive ,after the showing his might Tien runs to the village to find many dead and the village burnt out.

It's now up to Tien to save the remaining villagers who have been taken by The soldiers and there new Lord,Crow Ghost.

Appearing upon a large statue Tien confronts Crow whilst everyone looks on ,Crow summons Pim to be brought to him,and in front of Tien he Cuts her throat .Enraged Tien attacks and in a battle with Crows soldiers and guards fights his way to Crow but with Crows power all seems lost ,or does it ? .For this is a illusion or premonition for Tien and realizing he is once again a top the statue and Pim is OK he unleashes a attack on Crow ,Now the fight will begin,in a battle of warriors Tien and Crow go head to toe in a battle of wits and agility.

In the end it is Crow that comes unstuck and impaled .And Tien and Pim return to the village to regain their life.

What's good about Ong Bak 3? ,It was great to see Dan Chupong get a bigger role and Petchtai Wongkamlao appearing ,though his role was still small compared to his roles in the first Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong. Also the story though a carry on is slightly more coherent to follow and has some really nice filmed shots.

What's Bad about Ong Bak 3? Apart from the early fight at the beginning ,Tony Jaa becomes a crippled coma induced corpse (if there is such a thing).So we go throughout the film waiting for Tony Jaa to break in to action ,but we wait and wait and it's along time ,that's not to say there's no action there's a adequate amount ,but Dan Chupong is getting all the screen-time (not that i mind ,i like Dan he's just as talented).

My trouble lies with we get to the sequence when Tien is reborn and he starts training ,but we do have to go through all that dancing stuff first.why?

So Tien's in training ,the theme used for this is awesome and sets you up for some bone crunching battles.But when it comes it's all to little to late and to much is filmed in slow-mo.

There's no Real battle sequence like Ong Bak or Tom Yum Goong.Even the disjointed Ong Bak 2 had some decent fight action of reasonable time.I think it all got a bit much in the end ,what filmmakers of these films must realize is people go to see these films for fight action and not long drawn out scenes that send you to sleep.

Now it's all ended for Tony Jaa (he's a monk Now)  i hope he one day returns but i won't hold my hopes up. I do however hope we see more of Dan Chupong as he has impressed since Born To Fight and Dynamite Warrior.

Score out of Ten = 6.5

Review Date: 29-10-10

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Two Posters featuring Tony Jaa  as Tien (Above & Below)

Dan Chupong as Crow Ghost on this Promotional Poster

Copyright © 2010 Sahamongkol










  • Tony Jaa as Tien
  • Nirut Sirichanya as Master Bua
  • Primrata Dejudom as Pim
  • Petchtai Wongkamlao as Mhen
  • Sarunyoo Wongkrachang as Lord Jorn Rajasena
  • Dan Chupong as Crow Ghost / Bhuti Sangkha
  • Supakorn Kitsuwon as Guard in Golden Armour




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