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                        Americana Review
               Outside The Law
Starring: Cynthia Rothrock , Jeff Wincott , James Lew & Seamus Dever
Directed By: Jorge Montesi  - 2001


copyright© 2001 Toxico Inc.©2002 Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment

In this 2001 film Cynthia plays Julie Cosgrove a FBI agent on a mission in Columbia  ,amongst her fellow agents is her future Husband Brian.But unfortunately the whole mission is a set up and Julie's team are about to be ambushed,arriving just to late on the scene to save Brian's life ,she feels the whole world has ended.

Now when she call back to base to report ,they tell her that they will arrange a pick up for her ,but what she does not know is that the people she has contacted are the ones behind the set up.When she's just about to go in Julie smells a rat and decides to make a break for it.

Now on the run from the FBI Julie travels across the country changing her looks and ending up in Florida in a small town after buying a pick up to get around in.She stops of in a local diner to grab some munch and ends up intervening in a brawl  when the owners brother is beat up when he tries to stop thugs groping his girlfriend.In a fashion only Cynthia could do she gives the local bullies a lesson in manners before sending them on their way.

As thanks the sister of the beat up guy (Annie) asks her to stay a few days ,Julie agrees.Now Annie is girlfriend to a local  guy who's quite wealthy called Michael Payton (Jeff Wincott).

Thing is Michael is up to no good and is dealing with a Colombian drug lord called Ramos.Between them they are planning a major drug deal .Now when Annie falls out with Michael and she inadvertently kicks him ij the groin he loses it and punches her about a bit ,which results in her death.

When the local Police turn up at the diner to inform her brother 'Rick' .Julie ends up sticking around for moral support for Rita ,Ricks Girlfriend. 

Now Rick has to go identify the body and when he see's the state she's in he demands things are done ,but the local Police don't seem to bothered.

After the funeral Julie is about to get on her way when he changes her mind and decides to head back to town and try and help.Now with the FBI closing in on her and the local Police not wanting her around she's going to find it tough to get the answers she needs.

So what happens is that Rick and her decide to find out what Micheal's been up to ,as he has to be  behind Annie's death and the only way to get justice is to ruin what he has planned.When they discover that Micheal has been meeting drug lords ,they investigate further to find out about a shipment coming in to port which supposedly contains Chinese Pottery .

When given the chance they sneak a peak and get caught and have to fight their way out,and then they have to find out what it's all about.

Following the perpetrators about they track their chemist down and break in to his room and steal his laptop  ,which again results in Julie dishing out the feet of fury .

Now given that the laptop is security encoded ,Rick has to try and crack open the code ,which takes him a while ,but once in they discover they are planning some kind of designer drug and hatch a plan to get hold of a sample.Sneaking in to the base of Micheal and Ramos they manage to get a look at  their set up and lab and grab a sample.

Now having been in the FBI ,Julie discovers the drug is a lethal one that will rot your liver and leave you for dead.Now our heroic duo come up with a plan to blow up their operation and bring it all crashing down,In a bid to set the record straight they break in .plant bombs and hope to escape .But Ramos has gained the help of a lethal killer ,here played by James Lew .Julie must confront the gangsters and this killer in a head to head and still try and get away from the FBI which now have traced her to town and have arrived to take her back or sanction her for good.

Will Julie get the Justice for her friends and will she get the peace she deserves after her loss .  With a twist and a turn the tables are turned and justice will prevail.

If your expecting a non stop kick fest ,then you may be let down ,but if you are wanting a film with quite a good story and one that shows Cynthia still has it after her earlier show cases then your in for a treat.There are enough set action pieces in the film to satisfy your craving for Cynthia kicking the butts of bad guys ,but it also shows her acting abilities more then some previous films ,which adds more character to the film.Also with the appearance of a few known faces it makes the film comfortable to watch.

The only let down i feel is that there was no fight between Jeff Wincott and Cynthia ,considering Jeff's ability having starred in Karate Cop with Cynthia in the past and Mission of Justice ,which was his tour deforce.

Yes there are a few mishaps in the writing of the film 'like the yellow pick up she drives around so every one can see (as it stands out like a sore thumb) .But no she's wanted by the mobsters and the FBI ,yet she still drives this pick up which everyone knows ,but they all seem oblivious to even though it appears as much in the film as she does.

But even with these minor niggles ,this is a fine show case for Cynthia Rothrock in her later years and proves she still can kick butt!. Yours,mine and whoever else gets in her way ,she may not make as many films as she used to and she may not be Blond any more ,but she always be the Blond Fury to me.

Score out of Ten = 7

The Snake

Review date - June 2010

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