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                                 Hong Kong Classic Review
          Police Story 3  - SUPERCOP

Starring :

Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Yuen Wah, Kenneth Tsang, Maggie Cheung

Directed by : Stanley Tong


Copyright© 1992 Golden Harvest / Golden Way films


Police Story 3 - SUPERCOP

Jackie Chan is back as Chan Ka Kui, the Hong Kong Policeman that knows no bounds ,but this time the film has a very International feel to it.

Also Jackie has employed the duties of director Stanley Tong to direct after Jackie had directed the first two in the series. Stanley Tong was snapped up by Golden Harvest when his self funded film ''Stoneage Warriors'' gained much praise from film critics and attracted the attention of Golden Harvest.

This time Ka Kui takes on a mission in association with Interpol to capture a Drug Lord by the name of Chaibat ( Kenneth Tsang) , now Chaibat is located in Hong Kong ,but the sure fire way to get him is to free his brother Panther ( Yuen Wah) who is in Prison in China, with the help of China's Interpol officers Ka Kui will go under cover and help free Chaibat so that he may get in with him and infiltrate his organisation.

Now with the help of Interpol officer Inspector Yang ( Michele Yeoh) , Ka Kui must go through training for his interpretation as a mainlander versed in classical arts .

But things get complicated when Panther decides his new found friend Lin Fu Sheng ( Ka Kui) should visit his home town and pay respects to his family.

With Inspector Yang pre-prepared for such a incident . With Inspector Yang portraying Lin Fu Sheng's sister ( now I hope your keeping track of who's who) the group go into town for some food, when Chinese Security officers spot Panther and another associate with him ,also wanted by Chinese Security. It's up to Inspector Yang and Ka Kui to foil the security men's arrest of Panther and his men.

With Inspector Yang undercover ,her pleas to stop the arrest by cornering a Security officer go ignored when she has no proof of who she is.

Help arrives in time in the form of Inspector Yang's interpol officers who put on a good show so that Panther can escape with Ka Kui ( Lin Fu Sheng) and his sister . Now Inspector Yang has new orders to tag along with Ka Kui ,the only way she can do this is to say she had killed a security officer ,Panther agrees to take her .

The action moves back to Hong Kong where Chaibat is , it's not so good for Ka Kui as he is quite well known in his home territory , when Panther gets ina gun fight with Hong Kong Police Ka Kui does his best to scupper Panther's insistence on killing members of his own Police force.

Meeting Chaibat our undercover duo realise that they may have reached their goal ,but capturing him in the act is another thing. Chaibat is ruthless and is not easy to read, he often acts out of anger when in fact he is just playing around.

Now Chaibat's wife is being held in Kaula Lumper Malaysia on drug Trafficking, she also holds all the account numbers for Chaibat's accounts , she could in fact ruin him. Now with Malaysia having the death sentence ,the fact the chances are she will get the death sentence is pretty sure. If his wife gets sentenced to death she will go to her grave with all of Chaibat's money.

Chaibat must break her out of jail before they can carry out the sentence , because of these money problems his drug supplier has been dealing with other crime lords and cutting Chaibat out of some action , Chaibat travels to Thailand to sort out his problems which ends up in a gun battle for supremacy .

On to Kuala Lumpar Malaysia where the Panther and Chaibat hatch a plan to free Chaibat's wife. Ka Kui and Inspector Yang seem in the thick of it ,and play a big part in the plan. Thing's take a turn for the worse when Ka Kui's Girlfriend May ends up at the Hotel they are staying at , May is a travel hostess and spots Ka Kui in a photo one of her friends takes at the resort. .

With May getting labelled as a Prostitute when Ka Kui pretends not to know here and pretends she is a hooker looking for some action .

After upsetting his long suffering girlfriend ,Ka Kui goes to some way to explain to her when he can, unfortunately this makes Panther and his cohorts aware of who Lin Fu Sheng and his sister really are when May's conversation with a friend gets overheard.

Police Story 3 is a great addition to the existing films in the series, unlike the first two films which had a a good fifty fifty split with fight action and stunts ,with Police story 3 stunts are the theme of the movie with some quite dramatic and dangerous stunts performed by many cast members , not just Jackie and Michele .

That's not to say the fight action suffers at all ,it's just that there are so many stunts. , seeing Jackie and Peking Opera school buddy Yuen Wah descend from a top a hillside on a overhead wire is quite crazy. Michele Yeoh hanging from the side of a armoured van while it speeds through the streets of Kuala Lumper is breathtaking.

But what really makes the movie shine is the on screen chemistry between Jackie and Michelle Yeoh. With Michele playing the hard as nails Interpol officer the film becomes a test of who can out do the other , but at the same time the buddy buddy cop story that evolves from it is quite cool as Jackie's character sees it his duty to protect Michelle's Inspector Yang at all costs .

And again Maggie Cheung gets a decent part in the film, though from the action point of view she comes of better then she did in Police Story 2.

The film also has a lot of pyrotechnic work to ,with explosions and all out war going on in one scene as Chaibat gets rid of his competition in Thailand ,with Ka Kui and Yang getting caught in a fire fight with some hilarious results.Of note * the Thai general is played by the King Boxer himself Lo Lieh.

Director Stanley Tong proved here that he could deliver on the action stakes and was not a one trick pony . Also it is said that Stanley will not a actor perform a stunt that he himself won't do. It's well known that before Jackie did the Car Park to Balcony jump in ''Rumble in the Bronx '' that Stanley tried it first.

This was also the first of the films to be shot in sync sound ,using the actors voices as opposed to being dubbed over afterwards . It also was the last time Maggie Cheung performed as May in the series.

Police Story 3 was released in the United States in 2006 after the success of Rumble in the Bronx , it came out under the title of SUPERCOP at 1400 odd Screens in the USA and took over $16'000'000 at the box office.

In 2009 Quentin Tarentino quoted that Police Story 3 is the Greatest action film of the past two decades and said it features some of the most impressive stunts ever committed to film.

Police Story 3 is another great addition to the Series of films that has gained Jackie Chan thousands of fans across the world.

With Michele Yeoh performing a stunt where she lands a motorcycle onto a moving train and Jackie hangs from a rope ladder as a helicopter swoops him through the streets of Kuala Lumper ,Police Story constantly amazes .

Score out of Ten = 9

Review Date : February 2013

Reviewer : Sertes Nake

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Directed by Stanley Tong
Produced by Willie Chan
Edward Tang
Jackie Chan
Leonard Ho
Written by Edward Tang
Ma Fibe
Yee Lee Wai
Starring Jackie Chan
Michelle Yeoh
Maggie Cheung
Yuen Wah
Music by Mac Chew
Jenny Chinn
Jonathan Lee
Joel McNeely
Cinematography Ardy Lam
Editing by Cheung Ka-Fai
Peter Cheung
Distributed by Media Asia
Golden Harvest
Golden Way Films Co. Ltd.
Release dates Hong Kong:
July, 4 1992
United States:
July 26, 1996
Running time 95 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Gross revenue Hong Kong:
HK $32,609,783
United States:
US $16,270,600


 Cast and Characters

  • Jackie Chan as "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui / Chen Chia-chu / Lin Fu Sheng
  • Michelle Yeoh as Interpol Inspector Jessica Hana Yang Chien Hua
  • Maggie Cheung as May
  • Yuen Wah as Panther
  • Kenneth Tsang as Khun Chaibat
  • Bill Tung as "Uncle" Bill Wong
  • Lo Lieh as Thai General aka Lit Law
  • Josephine Koo as Chen Wen-Shi Chaibat
  • Kelvin Wong as Peter / Pierre (as Wong Siu)
  • Philip Chan as CSP Inspector Y.K. Chen
  • Mars as Hsiung (uncredited)

 source : wikipedia


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