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                  Raging Pheonix

Starring: Jija Yanin Vismistananda  /  Patrick 'Kazu' Tang 

Directed By: Rashane Limtrakul - 2009


copyright© 2009 SahaMongKol Film International

What if there's a Kidnapping ring  that target young women That have a certain smell about them ,which is present in their Pheromones .And this Pheromone is extracted from there tear ducts and made in to a perfume that once smelt turns you into a craving sex manic.

Well that's what where dealing with here in the story of the latest film from Jija Yanin Vismistananda (the star of Chocolate) here she plays Deu a young girl who is neglected by her family and friends and ends up being targeted by this Kidnap ring run by a gang called the Jaguars.

Now abducted and saved within minutes by a mysterious threesome who have been watching her,She awakens in a warehouse surrounded by bodies and these three guys who seem to be in the middle of a war with the Jaguar gang.

In a array of blistering martial arts which comprises Drunken fist,Monkey Capoeira and Break dancing your spellbound by a  battle that escalates in to the bad guys being beaten and one of the kidnap cells being broken.

It is here that we are introduced to Sanim (Kazu) ,Kee Moo and Kee Ma three heroes who spend their days trying to find the cells and break the kidnap ring as each of them has had a loved one captured or killed by the gang.

From here they teach Deu their art of Drunken fighting it's from this that Deu discovers she belongs and single handed takes on one of the cells ,the thing is the rest of the group thinks she acts before she thinks and come up of a way to get shot of her .


They set up a test for her to fight their mysterious fourth member ''Kee Kwai'' Here she is beaten and left ,but Deu does not take No for a answer and pursues them so she may help them smash the kidnap ring and rescue Sanim's Girlfriend who is presumed still alive.

They enter the kidnappers lair using Deu as Bait and take the fight to them .*


JiJa and KAZU 

From the young girl in Chocolate JiJa has been learning some new moves ,but what you want to know is ,is this as good as Chocolate? ,well that may be a harder question then you thought ,on the one hand  the fighting in the film is new and fresh ,but the thing is this is as much a vehicle for Kazu as for JiJa as he has a lot of screen action and it's mostly him fighting along with his companions in the early part of the film.

JiJa plays a young girl who knows nothing and is taught by them ,and it is here that the film some times fails as there are moments of what can only be described as slapstick ,which don't fit .(in a classic 70's or 80's Hong Kong kung fu flick yes but not here).

Then on the other hand JijA is a talented Martial artist and can act in a more convincing way then Tony Jaa ,but it takes a talented physical actor to pull of looking bad at something when your clearly not ,you see as a martial artist if you know something then it's hard  to do that move in a way that a novice would do .(say someone who just starting out in the arts) .Some one like Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen could pull this off convincingly ,but watching JiJa in the early training scenes she seems uncomfortable ,the later scenes are cool ,now i don't know what effects where used in the film but there's a scene where Kazu is on top of a wall doing a press up with his feet of the ground ,on top of him is Jija facing the other direction in the same position,now this was a blast to see.

 Raging Pheonix  it's a film with a International feel to it and looks set to do quite well as the release dates across the Continents get closer.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : March 2010
Cast and Trailer
  • Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda as Deu
  • Kazu Patrick Tang as Sanim
  • Nui Saendaeng as Kee Moo (Pig Shit)
  • Sompong Lertwimonkaisom as Kee Ma (Dog Shit)
  • Boonprasayrit Salangam as Kee Kwai (Bull Shit)
  • Jindasee Roongtawan
Beware of Bootlegs

Make sure you get the right copy*

If your getting a print of this film make sure you get a official release  ,the only legit copies at the moment are the Thai and Malay versions (the Malay comes with English subs )The other versions available from the States that are on a certain Auction site are Bootlegs (the prints are a bit darker,but the sound suffers ,you really have to crank them up) Now the English releases are out on DVD and BluRay on 12/04/10 ,so if not ordering from abroad buy these versions ,There seems to be so many Bootlegs being sold as the real deal it's annoying.

Now not condoning Piracy ,but if you choose to buy a pirate DVD of some guy in the street or flee market ,you get what you pay for ,a pirate.But when you purchase a DVD from some one with a online store and what you get is a Bootleg then you have been done good and proper. 

Region 3 Malay release 

Some Bootleg Covers 

You see it's crazy the bootleggers use the same artwork but the one on the left is the worst with the Tag line ''The Lethal Bitch is Back''

Some how i don't think Sahamongkol would use this as a slogan.


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