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Noboru Iguchi is a Japanese B action film maker and many will know him because of the cult film ''Machine Girl''.

Here he teams up with Visual effects director Tsuyoshi Kazuno, and special effects director Yoshihiro Nishimura. All three worked together on Machine Girl.

The film is about two sisters ,Yoshie and Kikue Kagusa. Yoshie is the younger sister and often ridiculed by her older sister who uses her as a slave most of the time .

Kikue is a Geisha and uses her experience to entertain business clients to earn a living.

But when wealthy business man named Hikaru Kageno is being entertained by Kikue the proceedings are interrupted by Yoshie who makes a mockery of her sisters career.

It's here that Hikaru Kageno will witness the power of the anger hidden inside Yoshie and feels she would be perfect as the next project of his company run by his father Kenyama Kageno.Thought the company is believed to be a simple steel company behind closed doors they are a breeding ground for a Cyborg assassination squad and Yoshie looks like a good bet to secure their plans.

So what happens is they invite Kikue to come along and entertain at their offices ,knowing that Yoshie will be in tow. Once inside they are greeted by Hikaru and his father .They are also witness to the dealings of the company (they have just made a massive bomb for a client) It's at this point that Yoshie and Kikue are abducted right in their seats by the evil Tengu ( two crazy girls that have been cybernetic-ally enhanced and kill at a whim) ,forced to wear skimpy clothing and a big wig they are put against each-other in a fight to survive .

It's here that the prowess and anger of Yoshie will come to realization as both sisters have been fitted with a weapon that activates when their anger is at full potential.

It's Yoshie that comes out on top and the lust she has for it drives her to take part in the company's training regime to become the ultimate assassin. Meanwhile her sister is used to serve in the ranks below cleaning up after the others.

Yoshie is sent on mission after mission each time proving she is the ideal assassin in realizing Kageno steels mission of creating it's own ideal world.

Also while this is going on Kikue is vying for her own piece of the action offering to be enhanced robotic-ally ,this in turn pushes Yoshie to do the same which is exactly what the Kageno clan wanted in the first place.

But all will come apart at the seems when Yoshie is given a mission to kill some OAP's .She can see they pose no harm but the truth is they are all victims of Kageno steel ( all have children or grand children kidnapped by the corporation) and Kageno want them out of the picture as they are making it known to others what Kageno is up to.

Yoshie ends up helping the old folk after she finds out their only goal is to save the children (even our evil Tengu are two of them) but when they find out they send Yoshie on a suicide mission to eliminate her once and for all.

Waking up with her legs blown off she is saved by the Old Folk who rebuild her and now Kageno has one more enemy in the shape of one of their own creations ''ROBOGEISHA''.

Kageno is going to pay for what they did and Yoshie plans a full scale attack as she rushes to the Kageno headquarters where she will fight the Tengu and the other Geisha assassins before confronting Hikaru Kageno as he plans to blow up the world by dropping a bomb in to a volcano .

What’s handy is the way Yoshie turns in to a tank as she attacks the building which now has become a Robot Castle which can walk ( no need for a reality check here then) ,It's in this castle that Yoshie is battling the Tengu and other Geisha's to get to Hikaru and stop him from dropping the bomb .

Now yes Robogeisha is OTT but in a good way,it's so fresh to see a piece of cinema that completely ignores reality and gives you a way out ride of carnage and colour in a way only the Japanese could do.

From the Saw blades mounted in heads to Tit based machine guns, Armpit swords which reveal themselves when a sexy pose is struck. How about Butt firing shurenken or the crazy Tank Yoshie has .

I must admit I have not seen such a FUN film for a long time it more crazy then crazy ,but the even crazier thing is that the makers have not stopped there they have a even more OTT film coming soon ,which I viewed at Zipangufest.

So want to be entertained with a capitol F and don't mind a bit of Blood letting and sexual tendencies thrown in for good measure then RoboGeisha is a must see for you and if you think it's not for you give it a go anyway you may be shocked to laugh.

Score out of Ten = 9

review date: December 2010

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 ROBOGEISHA is sheer entertainment

The two sisters chat 


Abducted ,they are forced to fight with Big Hair

Yoshie is enhanced more and more 




 This man gets to see his own stomach

 Opposing parties discuss Kageno steel's Evil


 Your believe a Japanese Castle can walk

Geisha attack 



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                                              Cast and Credits
  • Yoshie Kagusa: Aya Kiguchi
  • Kikue Kagusa: Hitomi Hasebe
  • Hikaru Kageno: Takumi Saito
  • Kenyama Kageno: Taro Shigaki
  • Kinu: Etsuko Ikuta
  • Kenta Gotokuji: Suzuki Matsuo
  • Rojin Kanai: Naoto Takenaka
  • Asami Kumakiri
  • Shoko Nakahara
  • Asami Sugiura
Directed by Noboru Iguchi
Produced by Yoshinori Chiba
Yōko Hayama

Satoshi Nakamura
Written by Noboru Iguchi
Starring Aya Kiguchi
Hitomi Hasebe

Takumi Saito

Taro Shigaki

Etsuko Ikuta

Suzuki Matsuo

Naoto Takenaka

Asami Kumakiri

Shoko Nakahara

Asami Sugiura
Music by Yasuhiko Fukuda
Distributed by Funimation Entertainment (U.S.)
Release date(s) Japan:
October 3, 2009
(theatrical release)
Running time 102 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese



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