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                    Thai Action Film Review
        The Sanctuary

Starring: Mike B. , Russell Wong


The Sanctuary

Though about two years old this Thai action film with Mike B and International star Russell Wong is still to be released in the UK as I write this.

The films plot is quite simple Mike B plays a descendent of some guards who protected a ancient Royal treasure .Russell Wong is the a Military Mercenary hired to track down the lost treasures and recover them for his buyer..

It all goes wrong when Kirk (Mike B) finds a ancient vase on a dig,he steals it and pawns it ,which leads to him being killed by mercenaries looking for the lost treasure.

No don't worry Kirk had a twin brother named Krit ( Mike B) ,see I told you not to worry.

Now Krit runs a stall selling ancient artefacts to tourists (Yes there all Fake) When he gets involved in a debate over what he's selling with a young girl ''Praifa'',who just happens to be part of a team of archaeologists . He ends up getting caught up in a plot by a supposed bunch of archaeologists ,led by a man called Patrick (Russell Wong) .

When Krit and Praifa discover the wrong doings of Patrick and his team the unlikely pair decide to fight to save Thailand’s national treasures and return them to the people.

So what we have here is 80 minutes of Thai action Mike B style. Now Mike B may not be known to everyone ,otter then his début feature in the 2007 film ''BRAVE'' ,but the truth be told Mike B is a experienced stunt man and has worked on films like Ong Bak ,Born to Fight ,Batman Returns and some lesser known titles like ''In The Name of the Tiger'' .

So is this a contender to Ong Bak or Born to Fight ,well to be honest No,but not because it's bad but because though it has lots of action in it's short running time and Mike B showcases some nice boot-work ,the fights just don't compare to Sahamongkols action films.

Now Mike B does do some mighty impressive stunts ,but a lot of these involves his character getting beaten and getting hurt (he's not the Mr Tough hard man like Jaa or Dan Chupong for that matter) . But what does take place is done without fast cuts and Wires and that's the films bonus ,add to this a excellent part played by Russell Wong who still has the moves .

Now if your in the market for a bit of Thai action and can't wait for the next film from Tony Jaa or Jeeja then grab ''The Sanctuary '' as your have 80minutes of bone breaking action with a international feel thanks to Russell Wong's inclusion.

I really hope Mike B gets to do a bigger project with better put together fights where he dominates a bit more. You see the more competition the likes of Sahamongkol have then it can only be better for us fans of this type of cinema .

Score out of Ten = A Bone Breaking 7

review Date: 04-05-2011

Sertes Nake.

* The Sanctuary will be released in the UK shortly by Epic Asia films under the title '' The Warriors Path''.


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