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                 Hong Kong Classic Review
                Security Unlimited
Starring : Michael Hui, Samuel Hui, Ricky Hui,Stephen Fung 
Directed by: Michael Hui
copyright © 1981 Hui Brothers / Golden Harvest

Security Unlimited


I have been meaning to cover this film for some time (Along with the others from the Hui Brothers), Plus with the death of Ricky Hui in November 2011 ( though I did not know till this year) . So as a tribute to the Late Ricky Hui I give you this review of the 1981 film Security Unlimited which Ricky made with his brothers Samuel and Michael (who also directed) .

This was the last in the series of films that all three brothers appeared together until 1990's ''Front Page''.

Michale Hui plays Chao Sai-Cheong the captain of a security firm ,it follows how he recruits and basically brutalizes his subordinates with the use of techniques that are questionable.

Samuel Hui plays his second in command ''SAM'' , Sam is the lieutenant who helps him instruct his guards and new recruits.

Enter Bruce Tang (Ricky Hui) a inexperienced man desperate for a job,having failed to enroll in the police ,Bruce applies at the Security company,using all manner to hide his color-blindness,short height and whatever else may stop him from getting the job. But after some flattering of Captain Chou he is told to return the next day for training.

Unknown the owner of the Security company has plans for his son ''Fan '' to take over the company ,but first Fan wants to see how things run and decides to enrol as a new recruit himself. When he experiences the inability and absurd teaching techniques of Capatin Chou he demotes him to a rookie after Sam and new recruit Bruce help foil a robbery .

Now poor old Captain Chou has only a month before he gets his retirement bonus of $50'000 dollars. But now can he be the rookie and take the flack that's going to come his way.

The Hui brothers where instrumental in creating a brand of comedy that set a benchmark for many films that followed and there influence can be seen in many Stephen Chow films.

There are so many laugh out loud moments in the film ,in a bid to show there efficiency as security guards it's common for a subordinate to pose as a criminal or shoplifter and get apprehended by his colleagues who give him a good beating.

But when the now demoted Chou is forced to play Thief he gets apprehended by a local tough guy who breaks his arms,by the time his colleagues arrive to save him it's to late, Poor Old Chou spends time in matching plaster-casts which in turn lends it self to further funny moments, just watch the scene where Chou is trying to take his medicine. You will LOL.

Bruce has come involved with a young girl and her family ,they are refugees he has saved ,who stowed away on a boat they where safeguarding. To help them and stop the young girl prostituting herself he has stolen 50'000 dollars form the recovered money of the robbery and this has caused some concern amongst his superiors.

The film follows the exploits of Chou,Sam and Bruce as they get assigned each new job from protecting a corpse at a funeral to safeguarding ancient Chinese treasures which have been targeted by criminals .

The thing with these films from this era is the madness of the stunts and being filmed in Hong Kong when the action was raw and in most cases downright dangerous for stuntmen,actors and bystanders for that matter.

I cannot count the many scenes that had me laughing as there to many , the fine line between overt the top slapstick meets tough action is what makes this film so good,and one no Hong Kong film fan should miss.

But for me the stand-out scenes are when Chou and Bruce are eating on the boat there guarding,Chou with his Plastered arms and Bruce who is hiding refugees under the table to eat. As Chou attempts to eat the refugees are grabbing food from under the table and Bruce must pretend that the arms and hands that pop up are his own.

But what had me laughing the most was when Chou and Sam decide to take on the Treasure thieves alone hiding behind a Japanese style paper wall and door they pretend to be a platoon of Guards about to attack and all to the amusement of the hiding criminals who are seeing their silhouettes running up and down pretending to be 50 people or so.

It actually looks like the actors can't contain their laughter as they watch these two great comedians perform a classic routine .

Score out of Ten = 9 Laughter Unlimited for Sure.

Review Date : 20-03-2012

Sertes Nake.

                                      Alternative artwork

Box set artwork - five of the best from the brothers Hui.

Michael Hui as Chou
The Late Ricky Hui fools around (Above)
Brothers on Screen ,Top : Samuel and Michael ,Below: Ricky and Michael
 Shocking !
 Don't worry! Just put your finger in.
 Tah Dah!
I'm Gonna get You.
 It would be 9 years before all three brothers appear on screen together again.
Lets take action!
                                     Cast and Credits
Directed by Michael Hui
Produced by Raymond Chow
Written by Michael Hui
Samuel Hui
Starring Samuel Hui
Michael Hui
Ricky Hui
Marylinn Wong
Stanley Fung
Music by Samuel Hui
Cinematography Cheung Yiu Cho
Tom Lau
Editing by Peter Cheung
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Hui Brothers Films Ltd.
Release date(s) 30 January 1981
Running time 92 minutes
Country Hong Kong Hong Kong



                                            Character List
Samuel Hui Lieutenant Sam
Michael Hui Chow Sai Cheung
Ricky Hui Bruce Tang
Marylinn Wong Chun
Stanley Fung Fan
Chen Sing Robber gang thief
Lau Hak Suen Taipan Law
Lee Hoi Sang Robber
Feng Feng driving instructor
Bill Tung race course commentator
Yue Tau Wan robber
Wong Man Taipan Law's wife
Tsang Choh Lam Fake corpse
Hui Sai Cheung Wong Security Boss
Wong Chik Sam Sergeant
Joe Junior sniper with ice bullets



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