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                   Shaolin Grandma

Starring: Chiyoko Asami

Directed by: Kotaro Terauchi - 2008 

Well here's a film with a difference ,Based loosely as a spoof of Steven Chow's Shaolin Girl which in turn was a Chinese/Japan collaboration  to Steven Chow's Shaolin Soccer.

But the Difference here is where Steven Chow Directed Shaolin Soccer and Produced Shaolin Girl ,he has nothing to do with this film.This is a film directed by Kotaro Terauchi and stars Chiyoko Asami as Miyoko the Shaolin Grandma.         

Now the film starts with a local mailman finding a old lady dead on her hallway floor,who just happens to be Miyoko.After calling the police he is told to stay till they arrive .

Now as he is there he notices that her life's story has been documented by herself on a series of scrolls ,which in turn he reads and thus the story of Shaolin Grandma is told.Now Miyoko is the Head of the Shaolin temple after her teacher who found her as a youngster dies.Living in secret with her disciples of which there only a few.(i think the budget was thin)                         

Now Miyoko is challenged by a rival school fronted by Ippon-Ashi (Nao Nagasawa) who along with her Affro sidekick defeats Shaolin Grandma and takes over the school and it's students apart from two loyal disciples who follow her in to the big city.Here they Start to perform as street performers and not before long are confronted by a man who owns a nightclub and wants them to put on a show.

Now working in a nightclub is going well for a while ,But the performance starts to go towards Miyoko dancing on stage in a pole dancers style which is really nasty considering she is 67.This does not last long as Ippon -Ashi finds her and beats her up again .

She leaves the club where she loses her fellow disciples respect for not standing up for herself.Now the film gets weird as she ends up living in a box near a local park where locals play Croquet .There she catches the eye of a gentlemen that spots her and encourages her to join the team.But on this team of OAP Croquet players she has a rival who wants to humiliate her.Using her skills she overcomes this and ends up in a relationship with this guy  which now involves her documenting her sexual exploits with him.

(This is what the mailman who discovered is reading)                                                                                                 


Then out of the blue she decides to live peaceful life she must return to Shaolin and confront Ippon-Ashi.She re-teams  with her two students which results in a Training session for her to get in shape,which is reminiscent of many Old School Kung Fu flicks.

When ready she confronts her adversary and in a fight that is so badly put together she reclaims her school.What makes this funny  though is the pure cheek of the director in casting this Old Lady in this role who has no skill in the department she is portraying.and along with crazy wire work and poor special effects this actually makes for a entertaining 90 minutes.

It won't win any awards and at tops you may watch it twice.   So whats the lowdown well check out the trailer below and then check my score.The Snake.


Score out of Ten = 6.5 






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