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        Stone Age Warriors

Starring: Fan Siu Wong ,Elaine Liu ,Nina Li Chi

Directed By: Stanley Tong - 1991


Starring Fan Siu Wong,Elaine Lui  and Nina Li Chi this fantasy flick filmed in the Java jungle by Stanley Tong was quite a unusual film.Giving that Fan Sui Wong was the young boy from Above the Law,the Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrock classic

.After this Fan seemed to go on some super fitness program and spawned muscles all over and was a good fighter with lots of talent and appeared in the violent manga inspired prison film Story of Ricky  along side Yukari Oshima ,which was a cult film  in the west .

So to break him in to the mainstream this kinda Indiana Jones style adventure was made where Elaine plays a young girl looking for her father who is a adventurer looking for ancient relics and disappears in the Java jungle .

Nina li chi plays i insurance investigator who befriends Elaine in a bid to trace her father .And so the adventure begins ,all though the plot is quite thin on information what follows is a non stop hour and half of stunts fights, although none stand out as classics as they are fairly short bouts that show the talents of Fan which is what where here to see .Being shot in such a remote place is also a bonus for some great shots with the locals and some real life close calls with nature as you can see in the out takes .

The high points are when the girls get covered in scorpions and another when they are confronted by Komodo Dragons ,a beast you dont want to mess with.So although this may not be at the top of films to track down if you can find it that is it does offer a  enjoyment value. 

Score out of Ten = 6


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