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                 ART OF SUBMISSION

 Starring, Ernie Reyes JR,Ving Rhames,John Savage,Matthias Hues

Directed By : Ken Chamitoff

2009 / 2012

aka: The Red Canvas  / Submission / Art of Submission




Art of Submission

Martial art films from the West are not as frequent as they used to be ,unlike in the 80's and 90's when the industry in the USA turned out a new fight flick every month,

The stars back then all had there own styles and often showed there own art to full effect ,stars Like Cynthia Rothrock,Jeff Speakman,Loren Avedon and many more.

With the event of many Asian stars like Jackie Chan , Jet Li and Asian directors like John Woo and Corey Yuen Kwai heading to the States things changed.

The inclusion of Hong Kong style fight action was implemented into many big budget movies from XMEN to Kill Bill.. The budget Western martial art film more or less disappeared.

Also the the popularisation of Mixed Martial arts ( MMA) and sports like UFC saw films incorporate MMA style fights in many of the blockbuster action films.

But in the last three or four years it looks like there may be a resurgence of those classic Martial art films that many followed so much.

Art of Submission ( aka Red Canvas) is one of those films, The film stars many of the MMA stars along with A list stars Ving Rhames and John Savage and Ernie Reyes Jr ( Red Sonja, TMNT 2 ,Rush Hour 2) in the lead role .

What's interesting about Submission is the film shows quite realistically the training these guys go through to compete. It also emphasises the Student ,Teacher relationship in a more traditional martial arts manner. It seems to focus more on each persons art ,and even though many of the characters are MMA style fighters many came from the early days of UFC when it was more about the individual art against another.

Now UFC seems more focused on the brutality aspect and how long the opponents can roll on the floor together, don't get me wrong in a real situation Brazilain style Jiujitsu and floor work is very effective and all Martial artists should know a mix of stand up and floor work to be effective for real. .

But when it comes to films and spectator sports it's not the most exciting thing to watch.

This where the film follows the fall and rise of Johnny Sanchez a young fighter who hopes to be able to compete in the big leagues, he helps out at the local training ground doing menial jobs ,in return he gets to get some training in .

He's quite fortunate to be able to mix with the other fighters ,some who have made it to the big time. . And even gets involved with the his Sensei's daughter and they have a child.

But when he gets into trouble for helping a fellow fighter MATT retrieve some money owed to him by another man by intimidating him it gets out of hand and Johnny ends up in prison charged with Assault .

But once in prison he comes to the attention of the warden Harbin Rask who runs illegal fighting within the prison..

Rask wants Johnny to fight in a fight tournament called the Red Canvas ,and says he can get him out of prison into his custody if he agrees to fight .

Johnny doesn't have much of a choice not if he wants to face more charges for beating up a guard that they had set up for a fight anyway.

Anyway Johnny gets out and agrees to train , he get picked up by his sister and they go home where his Mother and his son is. Along with his estranged father .

Basically the film shows how Johnny reconciles with his family and his Father who runs a Auto repair shop ,but not before they get threatened and endangered as there are certain forces that don't want Johnny to compete.

It's quite a typical story of finding oneself and getting through the training to compete in the Red Canvas tournament and restore honour to himself and his family.

The film also stars George Takei ( Star Trek) as Krang a former General in the Veitnam army and foe of Rask. ,Krang also runs the Red canvas Tournament and Matthias Hues ,whose first film was No Retreat No Surrender 2 with Loren Avedon and Cynthia Rothrock, his best known films are probably Dark Angel opposite Dolph Lundgren and Digital Man .

Red Canvas was the first film made using the RED ONE 4K camera ,which uses full digital imagery as oppose to actual film.

The action is what matters In these type of films and Red Canvas delivers with Ernie Reyes Jr proving he has the moves and really steals the show with some dynamic fighting utilising some wonderful kicks and footwork combined with a good mix of ground and hand work.

The tournament is very reminiscent of Bloodsport and showcases other fighters as Johnny moves up the ranks to reach the final .

What's more is that the film is used to highlight A new series of monthly tournaments in MMA in California run by Red Canvas Promotions. .. The first happened in September 2012 and the film was shown under its new title ''Art of Submission '' to help promote the event with the help of the films director Kenneth Chamitoff and star Ernie Reyes Jr.

So if you want to watch some realistic fight action with dynamic action then you should not miss Art of Submission.

Score out of Ten = 8

Sertes Nake

August 2013


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Directed by Kenneth Chamitoff
Adam Boster
Written by Kenneth Chamitoff
Starring Ernie Reyes, Jr.
John Savage
George Takei
Release dates
  • January 15, 2009 (American Film Market)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $3 million



  • Ernie Reyes Jr.
  • Frank Shamrock
  • John Savage
  • George Takei
  • Lee Reyes
  • María Conchita Alonso
  • Ernie Reyes Sr.
  • Ki Reyes
  • Destiny Reyes
  • Margie Betke
  • Kathy Long
  • Dan Severn
  • Tyson Griffin
  • Jermaine Andre
  • Chris Casamassa
  • Fernanda Romero
  • Sara Downing
  • Gray Maynard
  • Tony Thompson
  • Jean Claude Leuyer
  • Vic Chao
  • Shonie Carter
  • Jessiah Rueckert
  • Leslie Garza
  • Martin C. Alvillar
  • Lisa Canning
  • T.J. Quicksilver
  • Arnold Chon
  • Ving Rhames

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