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Brandon Gaines,Keith Vitali,Kelly Gallent


copyright © seasonal Film Corporation 1995


Now If you thought you had seen all of Seasonal films American based features then you may be wrong ,especially if you reside in the UK or most of Europe ,though the film was released in France.

What am I talking about you ask,well it's Superfights from Ng See Yuen and writer Keith W Strandberg.. Filmed in 1995 it starred then unknown and still unknown for other then this film , Brandon Gaines a 3rd degree Black Belt. Considering his expertise in the arts it was some hwta a shame to hear he had done no other action films beside this. Now also starring in a villainous role this time is Keith Vitali who starred in Blood Brothers ''NRNS3'' for Seasonal back in 1991.

So the big question is has Seasonal delivered in the action stakes ,well of course they have there Seasonal you know .

Now the story goes that Jack Cody (Gaines) is a young man who is obsessed with the arts and a wrestling style martial arts competition called SUPERFIGHTS . Superfights is run by one Robert Sawyer ( Vitali) a high flying business man who uses the fights to cover his more illegal work like Prostitution,racketeering,protection programs and the underground fighting competitions which result in death.

It all stars when Jack saves a young Chinese girl ( Sally) when she gets attacked by thugs at a ATM . Chasing the thugs down with his Jeep then engaging in fisty cuffs and sending them on their way.

What Jack does not know is that the whole incident was captured on security video and now Jack is a hero and star as reporters plaque his house.

Now Robert Sawyer sees this on TV and asks to meet Jack and offers him a contract to enter the Superfight contest. Stunned and excited Jack accepts with out a quandary.

After meeting fellow fighters and his training partner and coach Angel ( Played by Kelly Gallant ,martial artist and Body Builder) Jack is put through his paces and given vitamins to take as Angel focuses her attention on him as per instruction from Mr,Sawyer ,she's definitely a big girl is our Angel,

Now all seems fine and Jack is winning fights and is a big Hero.But when he gets attacked by a Ninja clad warrior and told to quit and stop taking the Vitamins.

With this Jack gets a bit suspicious and Sally the girl he saved grandfather gets the pills tested to find out that they are a mind controlling Steroid.( Go Figure) .

Things get worse when Sawyer tells him to lose a fight (he's only been winning by a fix anyway) Jack gets uppity and decides to take action into his own hands. This of course enrages Sawyer who gives Jack one last chance .

When Jack is asked to go on some extra work ,which involves him helping ransack the local Chinese restaurant and demand protection money ,Jack decides some things gotta give and goes out to find out what’s going on.

With the help of a fellow fighter ( I won't say who in-case you have not seen the film) Jack and his friends ( Sally,Grandfather and friend) decide to wipe out Sawyers Business. Of course Sawyer is going to do all he can to prevent this and sets Jack up ,forcing him to enter into a Death match.

Now if you want realism within the story then I suggest you look elsewhere. But if you want to witness some of the most exciting fighting scenes filmed outside of Hong Kong in the 90's then this is the place to be. Yes the story is somewhat crazy with a Old style Kung Fu master featuring with white hair beard and all ( Sally's Grandfather) Some of the acting is a tad overacted and Brandon Gaines needed a few more films to get his acting ability together,but alas that was not so.

It's the fights that make this film each one a features enough heart stomping stuff to keep you watching .Keith Vitali is tops as the villainous Sawyer showing his prowess. But you know he's such a nice guy that you end up wanting to watch him more then Brandon Gaines . Each time Keith appears on screen his persona shines through and it's this that carries a lot of the film.

But also I have to mention the other players to ,for one is Chuck Jeffreys who plays one of the Fighters called Dark Cloud. Another is another familiar face of Cliff Lenderman as Budokai.

All give their all in the action stakes and Jeffreys is as always his usual Eddy Murphy like character.

In fact if Eddie Murphy had a brother who was a martial artist it would be Chuck Jeffreys.

Now what's do all the other Seasonal films have that set you up from start to finish ? Well it's the soundtrack ,everyone remembers the title track to NRNS and the familiar tunes in it's sequels often borrowed from Hong Kong films . Well with Superfights you get it's title track ''Superfights '' played throughout the film at various intervals ,thing is it's probably the worse one ever attached to a Seasonal film, Badly sung by a various singers it begins to grate a bit after a while ( well 30 seconds actually).

But one thing the film will put a smile on your face as you laugh a lot at various scenes that crop up , like I said Keith Vitali is such a nice guy ,he keeps smiling in this one and that just gets you to like him more as he confronts his enemies.

But in the end you have to watch this as it's pure entertainment, as both Brandon Gaines and Keith Vitali show off some blinding footwork and the end fight is one for your rewind button.


Review dated : 21-03-2011

Sertes Nake


                              Alternate Covers and Posters



Under the ''Karate Tiger '' banner above.



 French ''SUPERFIGHTS'' poster 







Wait for it!


 Jack looks on ,at Superfights.

 Angel ( Kelly Gallant) gives a opponemet some thigh.


Keith Vitali as Robert Sawyer .

Now he should be in some Old School Kung Fu movie .


Watch it Jack! Nearly took one to the head.

Superfights gets dirty

Robert Sawyer has no one stand in his way.


It's that Confucious moment.


 Now you don't want to be caught by that contraption!

Sawyer and Jack go for broke. ( nice back kick)

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                                          Cast and Credits


Brandon Gaines ...
Jack Cody

Feihong Yu ...
Sally Wong

Keith Vitali ...
Robert Sawyer

Kelly Gallant ...

Chuck Jeffreys ...
Dark Cloud

Cliff Lenderman ...

Brian Ruth ...
Night Stalker

Patrick Lung-Kong ...

Jim Steele ...
Mike Rocco / The Beast

Keith Hackney ...

Rob Van Dam ...

Karen Bill ...
Mrs. Cody

Sean Foley

Dennis Tosten

Ron Succarotte




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