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Starring: Guntur Triyoga

Director: Nayato Fio Nuala



TARUNG '' City of Darkness''

Indonesia is looks like becoming the new country to watch for your fix of action films, After the success of Merantau Warrior and The Raid , both of which star Silat performer Iko Uwais.

Now Tarung is another film showing another art of Indonesia. For the film is named after the art form used in the film, In fact Tarung Derajat is a full contact fighting art utilising Punches ,Kicks,Sweeps and Grappling. It was developed by Haji Achmad Dradjat, through his street fights on the tough streets of Bandung. It's also recognised as a national sport and is basic training for the Indonesian Military.

Now to the film ,it focuses on four friends who grew up in a orphanage , Reno,Choky David and Galang.

Now Reno has just got out of prison for killing some thugs. Galang meets him and they reminisce their times ,they go to the orphanage and visit Madam Lastri the owner of the orphanage .

Galang has been helping the orphanage when he can ,his younger cohort Choky also wants to help with the orphanage but gets involved with Drug dealers to make money , but when he decides to keep the money and give it to the orphanage the dealers are none to pleased, to top this Reno has had dealings with them and that was the reason he was in jail.

Not only do they want Reno dead ,but now Choky must fear for his life. When Galang finds out what Choky has been doing he none to pleased and when they injure Choky ,Galang comes to his rescue .

The other friend David who has set up his own business after getting away from the criminal element looks set to live a good life ,but friends come first and when Thugs come around when Reno is visiting David ,the pair have to fight.

Now Galang is just trying to go straight , he meets a young girl who's a night Club hostess come hooker , he feels sorry for her and when she gets beaten by her pimp and his superior Galang takes revenge on them by attacking them in the night club.

Now Tarung is a brave attempt to create something gritty and with good action ,but not without compromising on the story. Filmed mostly at night in most parts the film has a grimy look to it, showcasing the hardships of living on the tough streets of Indonesia .

Now for the director Nayato he is regarded as the most prolific director in Indonesia. Now the producer of the film Shak Lap Fai is also the fight choreographer to.

The fight action is done very well and shows some good combinations from the talented cast.,who seem to act as well as they fight . There are not scenes of fight after fight ,it plays like a martial art film of old with about three main fights taking place through out the film . But within the short running time of eighty four minutes it's adequate.

Now for my gripes , yes there are some. In most part the film is shot quite well but as soon as the action starts it seems the director thinks he's shooting a music video ,there some strange angles on some of the fights ( trying to be arty ) in most cases the camera often gets to close to see the action properly , it also suffers from Shaky camera motion ,and looks like in some instances that there using a handi-cam and running after the actors as they perform.

One scene has some strobe lighting effects ,which is always good for a seizure.

All in all it's a real shame because there’s some good talent here, and for most part I enjoyed the film but when crunch comes to crunch it lets you down at some vital points of the film with some shoddy camera work.

So my advice is rent it if you can ,or buy it on budget ,that way you won't mind losing a few quid.

But don't let this review stop you from seeing which for most part is a good film and one that showcases some good talent that I would like to see again.

Score out of 10 = 5

Reviewer : Sertes Nake


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Nayato Fio Nuala
Producer: Shak Lap Fai
Ery Sofid
Ian Janpanay

Guntur Triyoga
Volland Humonggio

Khrisna Putra

Daud Radex

Cinta Dewi

Gouw Hartono

Raymond Knulich

Fikri Baladraf
Distributor: Parco Film
Release Date:
15 September 2011
Duration: 84 mins
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