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                                   Hong Kong Classic Review


copyright © 1992 Golden Harvest/Media Asia © 1999 DIMENSION Films

Twin Dragons – USA version

Two Jackie Chan's are better then one, or are they?

In this 1992 film Jackie Chan plays twins , the story is much like the 1991 film Double Impact with Jean Claude Van Damme . In fact the two films where pitted against each other amongst the fans.

This is the review of the American edit of the film ,which was dubbed into English and even with the aid of Jackie Chan doing his own voice over. Though the film was made in 1992 it's American release came after the success of Rumble in the Bronx and Rush Hour. Released in 1999 at American cinema's and even having a short run in the UK (which is where I first saw this version) ,to be honest there's not much difference between the versions other then a a couple of short scenes taken out to move things along at a better pace.

The films joint directed by Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam and also stars many cameos by various Hong Kong luminaries at that time. If I remember rightly this was done to support the Hong Kong Film Directors Guild. The film also stars Teddy Robin Kwan who also produced the film along with legendary director and producer NG See Yuen.

Jackie plays twins separated at birth through unfortunate circumstances. One twin grows up in the USA and becomes a famous and respected Pianist and Conductor John Ma . The other twin,Boomer is brought up in Hong Kong by a local lady of the street. He's a bit of a wide boy,Gambler,Mechanic and jack of all trades who just happens to be a good martial artist.

When years later John Ma returns to Hong Kong to perform in a concert he becomes involved in altercation with local gangsters when he is mistaken for Boomer.

Meanwhile Boomer and his friend Tyson ( Teddy Robin Kwan) who are the pair who are in trouble with the gangsters go about their business ,that is until Boomer is mistaken for John Ma by his aid and friend Tammy ( Nina Li Chi - Jet Li's wife).

Tammy has known John ma for a while and they have a good relationship ,but with Boomer playing along with this beautiful young girl it seems Tammy gets more then she thought she was .

There is also confusion with Boomer's new found friend Barbara ( Maggie Cheung) , Boomer had helped Tyson rescue Barbara from the Gangsters by telling Boomer he was his girlfriend , but of course it was just Tyson's infatuation with Barbara that has got them all in trouble with a bunch of gangsters who want Boomer and Tyson to help them break their boss from Prison..

Both twins no not of each other and what's more they have some connection in that when ones in trouble the other reacts the same way as his brother going through any motions the other might be having.

You really do get double your Chan for your viewing pleasure , with the John ma character offering much of the laughs as he gets into all sorts of trouble ,like having to fend of Tammy's ex Boyfriend who has a unhealthy infatuation with her to having to drive a getaway vehicle for the mob. Boomer on the other hand seems to be having a good time as he gets personally involved with Tammy and as he's pretty tough gets to show of some cool action in the fighting stakes.

The film moves along at a steady pace and offers varied entertainment,It's not a Armour of God or Wheels on Meals beater ,but it's a good film which stars a lot of faces ,it does become a bit like who can you spot next in a cameo (even The Pops Lau Kar'-Leung crops up as a Doctor) , from car stunts to boat chases and a great end fight scene filmed in a vehicle testing plant Twin Dragon's is a joy ride.

Now one thing that let's the film down is the special effects used to splice our two Jackie Chan's in the same scene , it's quite apparent that it's two scenes side by side and though Jean Claude's film still had faults in the same department ,their not as obvious as in Twin Dragons.

Apparently Jackie was disappointed with the end results of the special effects and proclaimed he would only use them in his USA produced films. But to be honest to miss out on this film would be a mistake as it does offer good entertainment through out, and to be honest who cares about a few special effects especially when the real special effect is Jackie doing what he does best on screen and in Twin Dragons he does it twice.

Score out of Ten = 7

Review Date : April 2013

Sertes Nake


                                        Stills and Posters
Poster looks like it's cashing in Rush Hour's success Stateside
Jackie and Teddy Robin Kwan
Confused ! You Will Be
Close Call
Nina Li Chi as Tammy with Boomer ,No John Ma ,oh i don't know.
Maggie Cheung (Barbara)  is not amused with Boomer or John Ma
More stills on the Jackie Chan feature  page  and the Photo gallery
                                         Cast and Credits


Directed by Ringo Lam
Tsui Hark
Produced by Teddy Robin Kwan
Ng See-Yuen
Written by Barry Wong
Tsui Hark
Joe Cheung
Wong Yik
Teddy Robin Kwan
Starring Jackie Chan
Teddy Robin
Maggie Cheung
Nina Li Chi
Philip Chan
Alfred Cheung
Lai Ying-chow
Wong Lung-wai
Music by Lowell Lo
Barrington Pheloung
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Wong Wing-Hung
Editing by Marco Mak
Studio Hong Kong Film Directors Guide
Distant Horizons
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Media Asia Distribution Ltd.
Dimension Films
Release date(s) January 15, 1992 (Hong Kong)
April 9, 1999 (United States)
Running time 100 minutes
Country Hong Kong


Dubbed English (USA 1999)

Budget HK$33,255,000


 Character list


  • Jackie Chan as Ma Yau / Wan Ma (John Ma / Boomer in the American release)
  • Maggie Cheung as Barbara
  • Nina Li Chi as Tong Sum (Tammy in the American release)
  • Teddy Robin Kwan as Tarzan (Tyson in the American release)
  • Anthony Chan as hotel staffer
  • Philip Chan as hotel manager Chen
  • Sylvia Chang as the twins' mother
  • James Wong as the twins' father
  • Alfred Cheung as Boss Wing
  • Jacob Cheung as cafe cashier
  • Cheung Tung-jo as orchestra member
  • John Keung as hotel security officer
  • Chor Yuen as Uncle Tang (Tammy's father)
  • Lau Kar-leung as doctor
  • Kirk Wong as Crazy Kung
  • Wong Lung-wai as Wai
  • Lai Ying-chow as Tsao
  • Jamie Luk as Rocky
  • John Woo as priest
  • Tsui Siu-ming as priest
  • Eric Tsang as man talking on the phone
  • David Wu as waiter
  • Pa Shan as thug
  • Ringo Lam as car mechanic
  • Ng Sze-yuen as car mechanic
  • Tsui Hark as car mechanic

Source : wikipedia

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