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Starring: Cynthia Rothrock / John Miller  - 1994

UNDEFEATABLE is a film that's been mentioned on this site before 'Cloudtoe posted a video of it as the worst fight ever ,and on the forums as a contender for the worst film.Here i will prove this wrong,as i have seen some bad films fight wise in my time and if you admit it most Martial art flicks are not great vehicles for acting ability in the most part 'most people watch for the fights.  


  Now this was shot in 1994 by Godfrey Ho a Eastern director who makes very budget movies 'this for him was big Budget.Cynthia Rothrock plays Kristi a street fighter and waitress who is putting her sister through college with the money she makes .Kristi ends up seeking revenge when her sister is mutilated and murdered by Stingray (Don Niam) a professional ring fighter who is slightly crazed and perverted.Stingray  goes on the rampage killing woman who look like his wife 'who has just left him.Basically he approaches these woman and kidnaps them in whatever situation with no regard for any one as he believes they are his wife.

Once he 's finished with them he dumps them minus there eyeballs which he keeps in a fish tank.When Kristi's sister is the third victim 'she vows revenge and sets out to find justice by confronting various fighters she thinks have killed her sister because of certain  marks on her Dead Sisters neck 'which she believes is from a Eagle Claw Martial artist.Enter John Miller who plays a cop who's on the case to catch the Killer ,who ends up teaming up with Kristi as she keeps fighting people and getting in to trouble with the police.Together they must find the killer and take revenge.

 Yes this film is done on a budget and every actor seems to over act like crazy and there not all that hot at it but it's no worse then say Home or Away or a similar soap.

This is what makes it so watchable as the trivalent of scenes are sometimes quite mad or even funny .And as for the fighting it may not be up to some of Cynthia's other films or her Hong Kong ones but there quite good though some fighters are not as well versed in the arts some are downright hilarious .The end fight 'which is in the video section of this site is a slow mo crazed blood fest which won't amaze but will certainly make you laugh.

        Did i enjoy it 'of course i did ,it's a real blast no brainier of a film that's pure entertainment.Track it Down .A Big Thumbs Up ,

The Snake.


       Don Niam as STINGRAY ,a crazed ring fighter who just wants his mummy 'good syko acting this guy does


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