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To date, this is one of, if not the best Richard Norton film. Full of superb fights, blazing gun battles, humor and straight off drama. Good acting and production values makes this  a must to add to anybody's collection.

It's the story of Frank Torrance (Richard Norton) ,a night club owner who borrowed money from the Australian version of the mafia, to refurbish the night club before privately selling it. With an estranged wife(Jane Badler) waiting impatiently at home for the work and sale to go through, Frank is faced with a corrupt detective Dexter, (Superbly played by David Serafin). Various enforcers ranging from Ron Vreeken to Sam Greco( Sam is now stone cold Steve Austin's stunt double for most of his films).

With all the fights that are in the film,and there are many. They were all put together by Richard and Ron. Various martial arts styles are used ( and used very well!),throughout the film,with all participants showing great moves and skill. Kathy Long appears as detective Lisa Kruse, Franks only real true friend. She joins his battle in the night club,punching and kicking her way through the much larger men that are standing in their way.

Kathy is superb with moves that could put most of  men to shame. Her fate is however sealed at the end of the film. (No, I'm not going to tell you what happens to her!). With the gun play that starts towards the end of the film. Richard handles the firearms like a true professional,shooting with power and elegance all rolled in to one. With a film that Richard has so many fight scenes with,its not hard  to see the skill of his and the other martial artists involved .

Tino Ceberano also pops up in the film playing the corrupt accountant for the mafia, Lau. He and Richard have a great fight at the end of the film with weapons and bare hands. Many true martial artists will know Tino as a true master and one of Richards many teachers. Although he does wear a rather over the top hair piece,(and he's not the only one!),in the film.

His skill shines through in the fight scenes. With character names like Harry Hardaway (Peter Lindsey)and Kato (Ron Vreekens character) ,its hard not to like this film. With the various fight scenes and gun battles the film is superbly put together and directed by Matthew George.

A must for Richard Norton fans and those who like good old acton movies.

Review Date: November 2010

Reviewed by : Stuart Smith

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About our Reviewer
Stuart Smith is a Experienced Martial Artist and a Avid Richard Norton Aficionado.I was Lucky to meet Stuart in Germany at the 2010 Berlin Movie Convention.It's here we struck up a friendship and he was more then pleased to do the reviews of some of our Richard Norton Features this month.

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