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                    Terracotta Far East Film Festival Review

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               Young Gun in the Time

Starring : Hong Young -  Geun , Choi Song -Hyun

Director : OH Young-Doo



 copyright © Indiestory 2012



Our first feature viewed at the 5th Terracotta Far East Film Festival is South Korean Sci-Fi comedy Young Gun in the Time.

Written and directed by OH Young Dong this budget film may have been made for only around US$ 30'000 ,but the film looks and feels nothing like a B-movie.

Filming took place in Seoul . It stars Hong Young Guen as Detective Young Gun ,he's a private eye who normally takes on cases that involve little more then finding lost pets ,following cheating wives and husbands and such like.

One day a young girl visits him and asks him to kill someone , confused he explains he does not take such cases and that she should contact the police to solve her problems, Gun's assistant also iterates that the girl should just leave .

The girl Sun Hyun goes on her way but leaves behind a picture of a watch which was important to her case. Young Gun runs after her ,but before he can get to her she gets killed in a traffic accident.

He tries to save her but to no avail, he then decides to find out what her problem was ,what he uncovers is quite remarkable ,especially when he meets what he believes to be Sun Hyun's twin sister.

This encounter will lead Gun to get involved with a plot to steal a time machine ,he and the twin end up on a race to find the time machine before it's to late.

This is really a very entertaining film, the actors are brilliant and carry their roles of to perfection, Hong Young Guen as Detective Gun is one of those funny looking guys (in the nicest ways that is) ,his on screen presence makes you laugh and smile as he runs around in his Hawaiian shirts ,and man does he do a lot of running in this film .

Now being that the film focuses on a science fiction story and the most sci-fi films rely on big special effects ,the director uses a great written story to get over the fact that he has little budget for such lavish luxuries .

There are a couple of scenes that are dealt with some clever editing to mask the fact of using high tech effects, it's really left to your imagination ,which in turn makes for a interesting feature.

There are quite a few action scenes where Detective Gun must fight of assailants after the time machine , these action scenes are handled well and shows that Hong Young Guen is a versatile actor.

Choi Sun Hyun who plays Sun Hyun is charming in her duel roles and along with Hong Young Guen carry the film along nicely.

Young Gun in the Time is a bright colourful film with a fresh take on a old story. And even though at the start who may wonder if this is for you ,after fifteen minutes everything locks into place and your be glued to the screen.

South Korean films have been successful in the West because of their Western styles of film making ,using quite big budgets in the process.

Here we have a film which is very unique and has a very Korean feel to it.

We really enjoyed Young Gun in the Time it's a fun filled ninety odd minutes that will leave a big smile on your face as you leave the cinema.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : June 2013

Sertes Nake



Director :

OH Young-Doo


Nowoka Iwasaki

Jang Yoon-Jung


Kim Yoon-Chang


Hong Young-Geun

Choi Song-Hyun

Ha Eun-Jung

Bea Young Geun

Year :




Running Time:

95 Minutes approx

Release Date :

August 30th 2012




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