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                 Yo-Yo Girl Cop

                                       Starring : Aye Matsuura


                       Copyright ©2006 Toei Company/2008 4Digital Media


Just think about it Young Girls in Short skirts and tight fitting clothes jumping about with Yo Yo's as weapons,Cool .

Well that's just what you get with this film from 2006 produced from the guys that did Battle Royal.


Starring J-Pop girl Aye Matsuura who plays Saki a young girl caught up with the law with a Mother in the same situation in the States,and her only way out is to go to Japan with a Detective and go under cover in a High School as a agent to discover the strange happenings going on.

What she uncovers is a plot by Terrorists to  cause anarchy on a major Scale ,and it's all gonna happen within the next 72 hours,so Saki has to act fast.

 Armed with a high tech steel Yo-Yo Saki has to discover why a former student(also a special agent) Blew herself up with a bomb in a crowded street and why is there a countdown timer on social internet site about bullies run by a student of the school counting down to zero ,with the words Enola Gay beneath it.(Enola Gay was the name of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima).

                          Saki (Aya Matsuura) lets loose her Yo-Yo

This is a Fun film that starts off with Saki as a delinquent arrested in the States ,it also shows that this girl takes no prisoners in the early action scenes.But there is also a underlying story about bullies within schools and the story does concentrate on this in a more sympathetic view for a while (resulting in not a lot of action).But when the film kicks in to gear the action is good and enjoyable with Saki's early failing in using her Yo-Yo proficiently.

Some of the scenes can be a bit dark in places ,i don't know if that's the way the film was shot or the version i had.But looking at it i would say it's the film in general.


One thing for sure Aya Matsuura has a onscreen presence ,and it's that that makes this film work.Now i like my J-POP but i must admit i have not heard of her prior to viewing this film (i will be sure to find out more).

 All in all i enjoyed this movie ,yes it's set up for a sequel and yes there is one ,whether it will be as good or better then this you will have to wait and see.

Score out of Ten = 7.5



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