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Ten Years & Counting

They Say Paitence is a Virtue.

And I thank all those that have stuck around while i undertake the mammoth task of updating the site.
The end result will be a better place for all to visit for their fix of Martial Arts, Eastern wonder and Culture.

Bringing together a smorgasbord board of content  rarely seen in one location .

From the latest films to rare classics , Event features ,Star Profiles , Video gaming and all the latest news from the East in our News Feed Section.

Of course the update to the site is ongoing as older pages are still being updated
even with the new look published. Some pages are unavailable at present but they will be back on a weekly basis.

This is Sertes Nake your friendly Online Serpent .

Remember Be Safe, Train Hard and most important Enjoy Life.


Be Safe , Be Calm and Don't Panic

In trying times it can be hard to remain level headed , but that is what is needed. With the World amidst the COVID19 outbreak . 

Remaining Calm  and collected during this tough time is what is needed from all. 

Panic can lead to high blood pressure and anxiety , if your suffering from  symptoms of cold ,Flu  or even Covid19 . 

Remaining calm by relaxing and taking it a day at a time. 

Meditation and Yoga are good methods to get through the monotony of staying indoors . If your under the weather in any way ,stay hydrated as this can lead to more serious problems if the body is not getting enough fluid .

Remember Be Safe , Stay Calm and abide by the Social distancing  laws set out at this trying time. 

We get into some Classic Jackie Chan 

Coming June we get into reviewing some classic Jackie Chan in the form of some of the recent classics that have seen a re-release on remastered Blu-Ray.

Our first film will be the 1978 Classic Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin which just happens to be one of my favourite old school Jackie Films.  Come later in  June we get a bit more modern with the June release of the Classic Operation Condor on Bluray from 88Films. 

This is all to tie in with our new revamped Jackie Chan feature page going live shortly.

Spring of Shaw Season Returns This March

Coming this March Spring of Shaw Season returns on Kick'em in the Ghoulies . 

Yes we have another batch of classic Shaw Brothers films to watch and review .

Scott Adkins as busy as ever

Scott Adkins seems to be knocking out the films at such a rate that it's getting hard to keep up.
Coming shortly our look at the films and the man behind the constant flurry of action hitting our screens from his early parts in Jackie Chan's Medallion right up to his latest releases on DVD like Avengement and Abduction.

With even more films yet to be released on Bluray /DVD or even the cinema  such as Ip Man 4 .

Does this man ever stop ?
Here at K.I.T.G. we think it might take a Tsunami to stop this guy appearing in the next film , but more then likely Scott would just brush it off as a light shower.

A Tribute to the Late  Soke Richard Morris

Modern Day Legends are quite rare , In the World of Jiujitsu  One name comes up more often then not ,He is Soke Richard Morris . 
Having practised and taught the art for over sixty years we were saddened to hear of the Great man's passing in 2019 . 
Here we pay Tribute to a Legend in our own time. Live Now

Chinese New Year Films delayed due to Virus

In a bid to curtail the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus  which has taken the lives of more then 26 and infected hundreds ,curfews and restrictions on public events have been implemented throughout China / Hong Kong .

This also means the Chinese New Year films which where set to premiere  before their worldwide release have been placed on hold so as the virus can not spread . 
This also means the release in other regions have also been delayed till the Chinese premiers can happen.. 
The films include new features from Jackie Chan ( Vanguard) ,Donnie Yen ( Enter the Fat Dragon) and Dante Lam's new  film The Rescue.

Video Reviews Incoming

I'm always thinking of new ways to spread the word about good films and events and the like that we cover on this site. 
So going forward New Reviews will be accompanied by a Video of the review by myself or a contributor to the site. 
We shall be filming these in the Snake-Dojo for that Authentic effect. So basically if your to lazy to read the review you can just sit back and listen to it with all my enthusiasm that i have for the films and series we watch here at K.I.T.G. 
If anything it should be amusing . And Yes they are Totoro Slippers

New look site - New logo incoming

With a New Look site comes a new look Logo for our header and pages . 
So here's a sneak Peak at the new Front end for Kickemintheghoulies.

The New Logo will appear  across banners ,the header and  our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. 

Where you see this logo your know it's us spreading the word.

 Legend Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa passes 

Other sad news in the martial arts world is the passing of Shotokan legend Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa who passed away on December 8th 2019, he was 88 years old.

Soke Kanazawa was the founder of the Shotokan Karate-do International Federation , a organisation he founded after leaving the JKA .
Up until his death he was one of the last living practising Karate practitioners who was taught by the founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi, who himself was one of the founding fathers of modern day Japanese Martial arts. 

We hope do a feature on the great man in the form of a tribute page as a member of this site was actually taught by one of his closest students and was Graded by Soke Kanazawa himself in the 70's .

We delve into Chinese Drama 

One Media portal we have not covered to much in the past are Chinese drama's . With the event of streaming sites like Amazon Prime / Netflix / Hulu and others it is now possible to stream many of these shows with Subtitles in English now.

Something in the past which where impossible to find subtitled.

And over the past year or more we have viewed various series with a passion , with such titles as the Martial arts Romantic drama Taekwondo Girl to more classic costume drama's like Novoland Eagle Flag and The Longest Day in Changan.

What makes these drama's so different to Western drama's are that more then often they are end to end ,so that your get the whole story in one season of say 40 - 60 episodes . 

None of this ten episodes then wait a year to see the next ten. Their often in your face and once you start you just can not stop till the end. 

  • An Oriental Odyssey
    An Oriental Odyssey
  • Taekwondo Girl aka Whirlwind Girl
    Taekwondo Girl aka Whirlwind Girl
  • The Longest Day in Chang'an
    The Longest Day in Chang'an
  • Novoland Eagle Flag
    Novoland Eagle Flag
  • Legend of Qin
    Legend of Qin
An Oriental Odyssey
An Oriental Odyssey

Golden Harvest Pioneers of Modern Action

Founded by the Late Raymond Chow and Leonard K C Ho in 1970 Golden Harvest produced some of the best Hong Kong action cinema throughout the 70's and 80's . 

Founded  by  the two former Shaw Brothers execs who grew tired of Shaw's archaic policies and contracts.

This led Golden Harvest able to sign Bruce Lee which propelled the new start up studio to great heights . They continued this success well in to the 90' s with stars like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li ,Tsui Hark and many more. 

Where by the late 70's Shaw's where starting to loose there hold on Hong Kong cinema dominance , Golden Harvest where just getting started and what a ride it was.

Our new dedicated page will give a brief overview of the studio and it's  founders which will be followed up by various reviews in our forthcoming Summer Harvest special- Coming Soon!

From ''YES MADAM'' to ''Black Cat'' - D&B Films

Fronted by Hong Kong Tycoon Sir Dickson Poon and in collaboration with  Sammo Hung D&B Films Co released in the region of fifty films in the action cinema category in it's short lifespan from 1988-1992.

Giving a window of opportunity to the likes of Michele Yeoh , Donnie Yen , Cynthia Khan and Cynthia Rothrock.

D&B produced some of the most edge off your seat action films in the late 80's and early 90's . 

We will be delving into many of these films in a new feature coming mid 2020.

So look out for coverage on the Yes Madam series , Tiger Cage , and many more . 

Coming Mid 2020 


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