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We Stand with UKRAINE

Our site has always been about spreading friendship across the world, a place where people from all walks of life can find people and friends who share a common goal and share a a passion for familiar things. 

Russia's aggression or more to a point Russia's regime who is corrupt and oppresses their own and is now oppressing the Ukrainians in a Unjustified war and murdering civilians like they have done before. 

We must all stand together against Russia's regime who have oppressed people for hundreds of years. Now is the time to say enough is enough. 

Slava Ukraine

 MCM Comic Con Feature goes live shortly

Yes it was on like Comic Con the weekend of May 2023 at Excel London.  Our site coverage will go live shortly as we compile our review and sort photos. I may  even split it across the two days.


Left: SUMO at Comic Con May 23

We look at Shenmue the Animation

Shenmue for myself was the epitome of Martial arts in a game. It had all the qaulities of honor and respect, plus a classic revenge story that played out like a classic Kung-Fu film.

So the news of a Animation of the story had me curious. 

But I never could have expected what I got from viewing it, to find out stayed tuned for our overview and review of Shenmue the Animation as we go into our final episode of the current first season.

Our Next Drama Review in progress

Next in our drama series of reviews is a up to date sequel to the classic Toei series Kamen Rider Amazon. Here we look at the 2016 Amazon Prime Original Amazon Riders, also known as Kamen Rider Amazons. A collaboration between Toei and Amazon this series brings the stories of the Toei originals up to date with a fresh new story set in a new universe. Where currently viewing and will post our review soon.

Top Ten Film Collections Now Live

Everyone has their favourite films, on this new page we want to know your top ten kick flicks, Action flicks, as long as it has a martial arts or oriental theme you can make any type of top ten to include on this site. Want to submit your own Top Ten, then go to the movies tab and select Top Ten Film Collections to find out how.

Snakes Christmas Top Ten Now Live...

JUDO - New feature page soon

Yes another feature page for the arts is coming , in the wake of Japan's massive Gold Medal wins in Judo we give a breakdown of the art and showcase some of the stars of Judo of today and Yesteryear. - Coming soon.

Tang Soo-Do - New Feature Live Now

Yes we have been  hard at work on a new feature arts page where we look at the art of Tang Soo Do , Tang Soo Do is one of  the arts that Taekwondo came from , it focuses on Stances and Poomse ( Korean for Kata) .

Yes it's up,live now our feature page on Tang Soo Do


Our New Look Taekwondo page is live 

Yes it's back , our new look Taekwondo page is back up with a more indepth look at the art and updated pictures and more .

Check it out Now

Our Gaming Guru is Ready for Action

One thing lacking of late on site have been our Gaming pages , this looks set to change as updates take place and our gaming guru BrunoB  gets some new videos and reviews published on site. So Watch this space for Updates on PS5 /Xbox X /S and of course where would be without the classics as we delve back in time to the past gens and re-discover the classics. 

You can also see our Guru on Twitter as he prepares various articles and see what he is playing.

Where Going All Japanese with our TOEI feature

Japanese films have always been a tough one for us viewers in the UK . Unlike their Chinese and Korean counterparts finding English subtitled Japanese films is a secret mission and often at a hefty price. 

Anyway as we  have now amassed a decent number of films from the TOEI catalogue and all with English Subtitles and / or English Dubs it's time we  get all Japanese in our new feature coming soon where we look at a collection of films from Shinichi 'Sonny ' Chiba and Etsuko'Sue' Shihomi and a couple of others we have acquired , Watch this space!


We get into some Classic Jackie Chan 

No Martial art featured site is complete without Jackie Chan . 

That's why we are currently rebuilding our Jackie Chan feature page .

To celebrate this we will be covering a selection of Jackie Chan films on Bluray 

Our first film will be the 1978 Classic Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin which just happens to be one of my favourite old school Jackie Films. 

Later on we will be looking at the latest re-release of Operation Condor on Bluray from 88Films.

Other films we will cover in the section will be 
'Police Story Lockdown'
'Railroad Tigers'
'The Foriegner'
'Kung Fu Yoga '


Scott Adkins as busy as ever

Scott Adkins seems to be knocking out the films at such a rate that it's getting hard to keep up.
Coming shortly our look at the films and the man behind the constant flurry of action hitting our screens from his early parts in Jackie Chan's Medallion right up to his latest releases on DVD like Avengement and Abduction.

With even more films yet to be released on Bluray /DVD or even the cinema  such as Ip Man 4 .

Does this man ever stop ?
Here at K.I.T.G. we think it might take a Tsunami to stop this guy appearing in the next film , but more then likely Scott would just brush it off as a light shower.

Video Reviews Incoming

I'm always thinking of new ways to spread the word about good films and events and the like that we cover on this site. 
So going forward New Reviews will be accompanied by a Video of the review by myself or a contributor to the site. 
We shall be filming these in the Snake-Dojo for that Authentic effect. So basically if your to lazy to read the review you can just sit back and listen to it with all my enthusiasm that i have for the films and series we watch here at K.I.T.G. 
If anything it should be amusing . And Yes they are Totoro Slippers

Golden Harvest Pioneers of Modern Action

Founded by the Late Raymond Chow and Leonard K C Ho in 1970 Golden Harvest produced some of the best Hong Kong action cinema throughout the 70's and 80's . 

Founded  by  the two former Shaw Brothers execs who grew tired of Shaw's archaic policies and contracts.

This led Golden Harvest able to sign Bruce Lee which propelled the new start up studio to great heights . They continued this success well in to the 90' s with stars like Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li ,Tsui Hark and many more. 

Where by the late 70's Shaw's where starting to loose there hold on Hong Kong cinema dominance , Golden Harvest where just getting started and what a ride it was.

Our new dedicated page will give a brief overview of the studio and it's  founders which will be followed up by various reviews in our forthcoming Summer Harvest special- Coming Soon!

From ''YES MADAM'' to ''Black Cat'' - D&B Films

Fronted by Hong Kong Tycoon Sir Dickson Poon and in collaboration with  Sammo Hung D&B Films Co released in the region of fifty films in the action cinema category in it's short lifespan from 1988-1992.

Giving a window of opportunity to the likes of Michele Yeoh , Donnie Yen , Cynthia Khan and Cynthia Rothrock.

D&B produced some of the most edge off your seat action films in the late 80's and early 90's . 

We will be delving into many of these films in a new feature coming 2020.

So look out for coverage on the Yes Madam series , Tiger Cage , and many more . 

Coming Soon


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