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                                     What's Americana?

Welcome to the AMERICANA page where we will be reviewing some of the older American Martial Arts movies from the 80's and 90's .These movies were either American productions or a combination of American and Eastern partnerships whether they were shot in the East or the West.

We will highlight some of the forgotten Stars of the Martial world whose films were always (well in most cases)shot on a budget and went straight to Video or DVD in the later years.

So give a Big hand to the likes of Chuck Norris,Cynthia Rothrock,Don Wilson,Gary Daniels,Jalal Merhi,Billy Blanks,Kurt McKinney,Loren Avedon,Karen Shephard,Jean Claude Van Damme,Phillip Rhee,Lorenzo Lamas,Bill Wallace,Jim Kelly,Richard Norton and many more.

Any films made after 2002 can be found on the main Film review page.

                                    The stars of Americana

                                Chuck Norris                                  Don''The Dragon ''Wilson



                          Richard Norton                              Olivier Gruner


                          Jeff Wincott                                Gary Daniels


Chad McQueen                             Cynthia Rothrock



Jeff Speakman                                              Keith Cooke 



         Bolo                                                        Loren Avedon    


 Keith Vitali

                                          The Reviews

Yakuza (The) 1974 - Robert Mitchum,Takakura Ken fight the Yakuza.

Good Guys Wear Black 1978 - Chuck Norris is John T Booker and he's getting even.

Undefeatable 1994 - Cynthia Rothrock takes revenge for her sister .

Rage and Honour 1992 - Rothrock and Norton team up to right a wrong.

Angel of Fury 1992  -Cynthia takes revenge for her husbands murder and her rape.

BloodFist III -Forced to Fight 1992 - Don ''the Dragon''Wilson stars in this Prison drama

BloodFist IV - Die Trying 1992 - Don''The Dragon''Wilson gets revenge to save his Daughter

American Kickboxer 1  1991 - John Barrett & Keith Vitali star in this realistic Fighter.

One Down Two To Go 1982 - Jim Kelly in this story about fight fixing.

Honor and Glory 1992 - Cynthia Rothrock and Donna Jason in this espionage Thriller .

Martial Outlaw 1993 - Jeff Wincott and Gary Hudson in this law enforcement tale. 

Sci-Fighter 2004 - Don''The Dragon'' Wilson enters the virtual world as a fighter.

Sworn to Justice 1996 - Cynthia Rothrock stars in this hard hitting film.

The Octagon 1980 - Chuck Norris confronts the Ninja's from his past.

Outside The Law 2001 - Cynthia helps some locals fight of drug lords.

No Retreat  No Surrender 1986 - A classic by NG See Yuen ,Corey Yuen and Keith W Strandberg. 

No Retreat No Surrender 2 ''Raging Thunder'' 1987 - Top Action ,Great Cast,Nuff said.

Enter the Ninja 1981 - Franco Nero stars as the heroic Ninja in this Ninja Epic.

Revenge of the Ninja 1983 - Sho Kosugi,Keith Viatli in this rip roaring Yarn of Revenge

No Retreat No Surrender 3 ''Blood Brothers'' 1990 -  Loren Avedon and Keith Vitali .

King of the Kickboxers 1991 - People are dying in Snuff martial art flicks.

Under The Gun 1995 - Richard Norton and Kathy Long star in this action film.

GYMKATA 1985 - Kurt Thomas enters a med-evil town full of Ninja's , Richard Norton stars as well.

Equalizer 2000 1986  - Richard Norton Builds the biggest gun you can hold.

KickFighter 1988 - Richard Norton and The Jet Duke it out.

The Sword of Bushido 1989 - Richard Norton is Zac Connors a Ex-Navy seal in this mystic tale.

BloodFist 1989 - Don ''The Dragon''Wilson is out to find his brothers Killer .

Angel Town 1990 - Olivier Gruner in his first film and hard hitting it is to.

Ring of Fire 1991  - Don''The Dragon''Wilson stars in this classic film from 90's

NEMESIS 1992 -  Alex Raine is out for revenge in this Albert Pyun Cyber movie.

SAVATE 1995-  Olivier Gruner stars in this Kung Fu Western by Isaac Florentine.

SUPERFIGHTS 1995- Brandon Gaines and Keith Vitali star in this kick fest.

Recoil  1998 - Gary Danlies plays Detective Ray Morgan  in this fast paced film.

The Circuit 2002 - Dirk Longstreet must Fight to escape his past.


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