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The Films of Chuck Norris  - Review


An Eye for an Eye - 1981

Probably one of my favourite Chuck Norris films An Eye for an Eye is a action packed crime thriller with more eye candy then I thought possible in a film back in 1981 , especially a martial arts film shot on a budget. .
Chuck plays Sean Kane a Police officer who after his partner gets killed in a set up leaves the Police Force to get his life together only to get embroiled into a a world of crime syndictaes, cover -ups and more when his deceased partners girlfriend Linda  life is threatened .

The film builds up to it's final battle atop a Mountain vista in San Francisco. To get there Kane uncovers a secret drug smuggling ring and corruption and has to be careful who he trusts.

Directed by Steve Carver the film  has many standout pieces from it's gritty opening to climatic mountain top battles .

Helping much are the cast which comprises the legendary Christopher Lee as Morgan Canfield , a TV studio head who assures Kane he will do everything he can to help . The ever relaible Mako whose portrayal as Linda's father and Kane's Martial arts teacher is magic and he always comes across as such a likebale character in what ever role he plays. 

Add to this Richard Roundtree a stalwart of 70's and 80's  films and TV as Captain Stevens , Kane's old boss and you have a film cast that's going to deliver .

Though from a martial arts perspective there's no intense one on one battles like many other films of the genre, the film plays more from action perspective with Kane taking on streams of bad guys and dispatching them effortlessly . It was thought Chuck wanted to be seen more as action star then a martial arts film star. The use of firearms for many scenes adds to the more action orientated scenes with big explosions and chases . 

But Chuck still delivers with some great combative moves , it's also easy to see how he was the Karate Champion so many times , some of his moves are so quick and powerful here , there a joy to watch. 

The late Steve Carver as director really got the tempo right with this one as each scene flows nicely to the next , but not to fast so that you have time to take in what you have just seen. 

An Eye for an Eye truly is one of Chuck Norris's greats. The colourful vista's of San Francisco skyline help a lot with giving the film a big budget feel.

An Eye for an Eye is also one of the those films that you can watch with someone whose not a martial arts film fan as the story and cast bring many elements to the film and who knows it may even convert them.

In a way the film is Chuck Norris's answer to Steve McQueen's Bullitt , the films share many common areas . Both are shot in San Francisco , they both evolve around a Police officer. Both characters often are chasing leads that lead them to their goal just to late. 
They both drive American Muscle cars.  Though Kane has a Boat as well. 

Though on release critics did not do  the film any favours , martial art film fans loved it. It was one of the first Chuck Norris films i had seen after his role in Way of the Dragon and Slaughter in San Francsico and till this day remains one of this viewers favourite films. 

Whilst doing this review I was sad to see that the director Steve Carver had passed away in January 2021 from Covid 19 , he was 75.

Review Date March 11th 2021

Review By : Sertes Nake 


 Chuck Norris

Martial artist , Actor , Instructor

World renowned Martial artist and Philanthropist , Chuck Norris has been the World Karate Champion seven times , starred in many action films and runs a successful Martial arts Federation teaching all ages the fundamentals of Martial arts whilst securing their future as model citizens and keeping them away from the criminal element rife in many Ameican cities.

Christopher Lee


Probably one of Britains most prolific actors , Christopher Lee had a career that span decades.
From his stint as Dracula for Hammer Films to his comic book style alter ego as the evil Fu Man Chu.
Of course Younger fans will know him as Count Dooku from the Star Wars prequels and the Lord of the Rings trilogy as the charcter Saruman .

Christopher Lee Passed away on 7th June 2015 in London. He was 93 Years Old.

Director : Steve Carver

Producers: Mel Novak / Frank Capra Jnr / Robert Rehme

Starring: Chuck Norris / Mako / Christopher Lee / Richard Roundtree  / Maggie Cooper / Professor Tanaka

Year : 1981

Langauge: English

Budget :  $4 Million


1933 -2006

Born in 1933 in Japan Makoto Iwamatsu , Mako lived in Japan with his Grandparents after his Parents fled to the United States, in 1939. Mako later joined them after the war where he got citizenship and joined the military. 

It was in the military he found his love for acting and from then he joined a theatre group. 

His first film role was in 1959 ,but this was uncredited , But in 1966 he got his break in the Sand Pebbles as PO Han.

Mako has starred opposite so many leading lights it's hard to keep up. From Chuck Norris ,Steve Mc'Queen ,James Caan and Toshiro Mifune to name a few. He even starred in a episode of the Green Hornet with Bruce Lee.

Mako Passed away from esophageal Cancer  on July 21st 2006 , he was 71 years of age.